In the digital era, companies need to modernise their applications and infrastructure, giving developers the freedom to build and distribute new applications without worrying about availability, stability, security or compliance.

è for this reason è tells us Maurizio Desiderio, a country manager of F5 Networks

♪ During the last year ♪ Desire continues ♪ We have presented important announcements: launched BIG-IP Cloud Edition, a virtual ADC per-app that can apply and automate policy-based

Today F5 Cloud Services arrive: • We are making a further step forward: we announce solutions that allow you to further improve the performance and security of your applications; optimized services to support modern deployment scenarios such as those related to native cloud applications

F5 Cloud Services: performance and security of applications

F5 Networks enriches its portfolio of cloud application services with solutions aimed at a wide range of applications of modern application development, and with new consumption models that are easy to adopt by customers at any stage of their cloud migration path.

The new delivery model that uses the AWS SaaS Enablement framework.

F5 Cloud Services offers SaaS solutions with high availability, self-service and fully managed, easy to deploy and configured in just a few minutes on AWS.

These enterprise-level solutions are designed to support modern deployment scenarios such as those related to native cloud applications, microservices or container-based environments.

Thanks to the possibility of using utilities with a pay-as-you-go model in the AWS marketplace, F5 Cloud Services has a predictable cost and guarantees flexibility and ability to scale automatically to meet the needs of application workloads.

F5 Cloud Services also offers basic security features and will provide additional protection in the future through services that will enable companies to configure and automate defenses against multiple attack vectors.

The capacity of F5 combined with a SaaS delivery model enables a flexible framework to provide additional services on demand when necessary, during the entire application or production development phase, throughout the life cycle.

With the introduction of Cloud Services F5 it gives priority to a replicable framework that can offer new SaaS solutions as quickly and easily as possible.

Cloud services from secondary DNS are available on the AWS Marketplace, while you can already have a preview of the next releases, related to the functionality of Global Server Load Balancing.

New security features, including protection for Web applications designed to defend against existing and emerging application threats, are expected shortly.

F5 Cloud Services have been designed based on the ways modern companies use to develop and run their applications in the public cloud.

With an intuitive user interface for low-touch configurations, which can be fully automated through complete declarative APIs, the solution allows developers and DevOps technicians to integrate the power of application services with IC/CD practices for optimized performance

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