F5 today announced the acquisition of Volterra, a multicloud management startup, for 500 million dollars.

Volterra became known especially in 2019, when it got an investment of 50 million dollars from numerous investors, and also for this F5 started to be interested in startup

Volterra has innovated a coherent cloud-native environment that can be distributed across multiple public clouds and edge sites: a distributed cloud platform.

Within this SaaS-based offer, Volterra integrates a wide range of services that are normally divided into many flagship products and network or cloud providers.

The solution is designed to provide a single way to view security components, operations and management.

The president and Ceo of F5, François Locoh-Donou, sees Volterra’s edge solution integrated into its product line.

According to the CEO, with Volterra F5 it improves the vision of adaptive applications with an Edge 2.0 platform that solves the complex multi-cloud reality that business customers have to face.

The platform will create a SaaS solution that will solve the biggest weaknesses of F5 and Volterra customers, the manager concluded.

The founder and Ceo of Volterra Ankur Single, writing in a blog post of the company has in turn announced the agreement with F5.

This solution became necessary, said Single, especially during 2020, when companies quickly switched to the cloud because of the pandemic.

• When we created Volterra, multi-cloud and edge were only in its initial state and venture capital financing was still looking for concrete use cases. In the rapid turn of three years and also because of the Covid-19, the landscape has definitely changed. We have witnessed the acceleration of digital transformation, and moved most of our daily activities online

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