The execution management is gradually taking its way in organizations of all sizes and sectors. That’s why we wanted to talk to an expert like Eugenio Cassiano, Senior Vice President of Celonis Labs.

In fact, Celonis supports organizations in the fundamental work of execution management.

What are the main innovations proposed by Celonis Labs?

With the Celonis Labs we want to bring out new aspects of the Execution Management. The innovations that will result will allow even more users, customer networks and, in general, the tech scenario to fully enjoy the benefits of the Execution Management and operate to their full potential. In Celonis Labs we will experience new ideas and emerging technologies to explore and innovate to put companies in a position to act on the basis of real data and ultimately get better business results.

Digital transformation has accelerated sharply over the last 2 years. How does the execution management contribute to this path?

In recent years, all companies have accelerated the process of digital transformation and as a result two phenomena have occurred.

First, the technological scenario has exploded with the spread of heterogeneous cloud applications (while yesterday a process was essentially based on the solution of a single vendor, today the same process can involve more than ten cloud applications.

Second, the amount of data grows dramatically: while we generate processes we create an exponential amount of data. According to statesman, in 2010 we generated 2 Zettabytes of data (that is, when software providers started to launch the mining process). Today, in 2021, 79 Zettabytes of data are expected to be generated.

It is not enough simply to observe and collect data, and this is where the Execution Management comes into play. It transforms data into valuable actions, creating a digital twin of the execution of a company. The future will be to have a digital twin that in real time can predict and indicate the best actions to remove inefficiencies. And our Executive Management System in particular ensures that data work for the user, identifying inefficiencies and interweaving interconnected processes, eliminating billions of euros lost due to inefficiencies, allowing you to take

What is the state of the Italian market, historically more reluctant to adopt new technologies and business models?

Italy is a growing market, with a high level of attention for digital transformation in all sectors, which is facing the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution in the best conditions.

This is confirmed by the fact that all international start-ups … and even the more mature companies… have continued to invest in Italy, offering Italian companies the opportunity to innovate and stay up to date and, above all, create

Italy has excellence in many sectors and thanks to the investments of digital technology is now able to offer quality products and services able to compete on global markets.

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