If Europe starts testing the first interoperable scheme of qualified eDelivery and owes it to the contribution of Italy and to the widespread experience of JEP.

This will soon ensure a secure and border-free dialogue between citizens and businesses of all Member States with certification of the identity of senders and recipients, as well as, of course, their mail addresses, the integrity of the content and the date and time of the event.

AgID, Agency for Digital Italy, and certified Electronic Mail Managers, gathered in Assocertatori, announce it.

Although there are similar experiences in countries such as Germany and Denmark, they are not comparable to the enormous spread of our JEP. At the end of 2020 were active in Italy over 12.3 million PEC e-mail addresses for about 2.3 billion messages exchanged during 2020, with a trend in constant growth.

As Francesco Tortorelli, Director of Public Administration and Supervision of AgID • Italy has a leadership unanimously recognized for its technological quality, variety of cases of use and market dimension of the JEP Thanks to an excellent and profitable public-private collaboration with the PEC Managers, our country is playing a leading role in the realization of the European interoperable Delivery.

Putting its experience at the service of Europe, therefore, Italy has led an international program for the definition, for the benefit of the Member States, of the new European standards for a qualified eDelivery, highly interoperable and protected from possible cybercrime attacks

• The result attests the highest level of competence and credibility achieved by Italy in the Digital Trust and Digital Transformation • comments Carmine Auletta, President of Assocertatori The system must now evolve, making it possible to have a certified dialogue, for example between a citizen of Marseille and one of Naples or between a company in Bucharest and Rotterdam. A goal achieved thanks to the commitment of all of us managers and the valuable guide of the

The path towards European JEP

In October 2019, AgID established a national table for comparison and study inviting all the managers of the JEP eager to contribute ideas and experiences to the important strategic project.

The membership is significant and the members of Assocertatori are from the beginning protagonists of the works, distinguishing themselves for the continuous commitment and the remarkable investment of professional time and resources.

During the activities, the need to update the ETSI standards is expressed in a shared way to make them suitable and functional to achieve the goal of a true European interoperable eDelivery.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) itself is immediately interested and willing to support this development.

Over the months the dialogue between ETSI and the national table is characterized by mutual respect and collaborative spirit, also thanks to the valuable contribution of delegates to relations with the international institution.

During 2020, the working group officially assumes a European dimension, with the participation of representatives of the various Member States, giving rise to a broadly constructive and concrete comparison.

In January 2021, Europe approved the basics • the minimum number of requirements required to meet the requirements of the EU Commission • proposed by the Group for the evolution of ETSI standards.

Published as drafts, these standards are now available to developers who can experiment with tools that comply with them.

This phase will end in June when the final test is carried out, which is ready for final approval by the European Commission.

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