Gruppo Esprinet has launched today the Cloud Marketplace, a proprietary platform integrated into the website, used by more than 26,000 retailers each year.

All customers can access the entire portfolio of products and services of the world vendors, in an immediate and direct way from their user profile.

According to Luca Casini, Country Manager Business of Esprinet Italia, • The new Cloud Marketplace is perfectly in line with the company strategy that sees in the As a service models interesting opportunities for growth for

With the Cloud Marketplace you can easily combine different brand services to design the best custom cloud architectures according to the different needs of the end customers.

You can also place software, hardware and cloud services in one order.

The Cloud Marketplace offers a wide section dedicated to solutions and technological areas, where you can find information material, webinars, business ideas and new ideas for the loyalty of your customers. It also includes advanced monitoring, reporting and analysis tools, as well as licensing and control tools.

It integrates a system of consulting invoices and a large set of dashboards for analysis of sales and consumption.

For the customization of the experience of use Esprinet has provided a local team of highly specialized development and support, dedicated to the continuous evolution of the platform according to the specific needs of customers and the new opportunities offered by the producers.

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