A new corporate identity was launched to celebrate Esprinet’s 20th anniversary.

The new vision of the technology distributor aims to simplify life for people and organizations: Esprinet is committed to expanding and facilitating the distribution and use of technology because it believes that it enriches the everyday life of each.

Hence the choice of the new mission, the road map that indicates the path towards the implementation of the vision in the current and future market context.

Esprinet, read in a note explaining the new corporate identity, wants to be the key point of contact between manufacturers, retailers and users of technology.

The Group’s will is to create value for them, shareholders and employees through a constant strategy of shared growth based on an innovative distribution model.

The Group’s objective is therefore to promote the wider use of each technology with an efficient distribution on all contact channels with consumers and organisations, to develop effective and innovative financial and operational tools to address market developments and to be a benchmark in the technology market thanks to the best skills

Aims that have been summed up in a new payoff, • Enabling your tech experience • which summarizes the evolution of the company in a real hub of technological services that enables and simplifies the use of the

Reliability, Excellence, Customer Orientation, Collaboration, Courage, Creativity, Responsibility and Listening are the values and behaviours adopted by the company, to make the daily commitment to the achievement of the stated goals more effective

Born in 2000 from the merger of the companies Celo, Micromax and Comprel, Esprinet had little more than 300 employees, a turnover of about 700 million euros and the ambition to become leader in the distribution in Italy.

Today the Group celebrates 20 years with more than 1,300 employees, 4 billion euros of turnover and is preparing for a new expansionary cycle that wants to seize the huge opportunities offered by a tech sector in great expansion and constant renewal.

The Esprinet Group, which recorded growth in the first half of 2020 and a very good performance of revenues in the two months July-August, estimated to close 2020, when the company once again demonstrated the ability to transform market crises into opportunities, with

The corporate identity renews the previous one, adopted in 2001 on the occasion of the listing on the Stock Exchange, making it current and strengthening its principles.

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