Ericsson and Comau brought the digital twin enabled by 5G connectivity to Hannover Messe.

This is an innovative project, under experimentation, which represents a further step in the partnership that links the two realities, which intend to develop new use cases and solutions for Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing thanks to the potential offered by 5G mobile technology

Comau and Ericsson presented the digitalized version of a mounting line in an automotive plant.

By wearing eyeglasses for virtual reality applications, visitors are immersed in the work line and can move within it, monitoring key process parameters and those of machines such as vibration, temperature, pressure and removal.

A digital control panel, which can be used in virtual reality via a standard tablet, can identify situations that could create delays or interruptions of the process by providing instructions to address the problem effectively.

The features of 5G connectivity allow you to collect a stable, continuous and massive data stream, in real-time, which is vital for automation processes.

Thanks to the low latency of 5G, the digital twin presents information about the real robot in the form of visual outputs, which allow you to understand how the robot’s activity will evolve in the cell.

Not only that, it is possible to predict malfunctions from the data analysis and identify which component must be repaired or replaced, suggesting what actions to take to intervene effectively.

5G becomes the enabling technology for every remote activity of analytics and digital intelligence on all assets of the production system.

The pilot project presented in Hanover is the result of the continuous development, combined with the commitment to research and innovation, of Comau and Ericsson, to enable the process of digital transformation in manufacturing.

For Maurizio Cremonini, Comau Head of Marketing and Digital Initiatives Platform ›Digitized data analysis provides customers with a lot of information about flows and production volumes, information made available both locally and remotely. 5G is an enabling driver for digital transformation within Industry 4.0 environment, especially thanks to low latency, broadband and Plug & Play connectivity of factory tools.

For Magnus Frodigh, Head of Research of Ericsson,… Bandwidth and low latency, features of the new 5G technology, are the determining factors that will accelerate the processes of digitization and automation, enabling cases of…

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