The emergency of recent months has pushed the adoption of cutting-edge solutions, such as virtual reality on 5G networks.

This is testified by an experiment launched by Fastweb and Ntt Data based on a virtual reality service that allows you to carry out remote guided tours to some strategic infrastructures of Fastweb, including its data center in Milan, which hosts ICT services and

The project was already in progress but has accelerated to comply with the safety rules imposed by the emergency Covid-19.

The implemented solution is called VisiVa, and allows the virtual visitor to immerse himself in the environment thanks to virtual reality viewers connected to a dedicated cam (Ultra HD 4K), controlled remotely by the individual visitor in a way

In addition to the viewers, you can also use cards with smartphones, and a dedicated app for virtual reality viewing, replicated on a simple desktop.

The set of high definition cams mounted on a mobile support maneuvered through the spaces that are the object of the visit will allow visitors to interact in an individual and extremely realistic way with the spaces visited, thanks to a video streaming in very high resolution.

About Ntt Data Ntt Data Italia is part of the Japanese multinational company of the same name, one of the world’s leading players in the field of IT Consulting and Services. Digital, Consulting, Cyber Security and System Integration are just some of the main business lines. Present in Italy with over 4000 employees and 8 offices: Milan, Rome, Turin, Genoa, Treviso, Pisa, Naples and Cosenza, where it has a R&D center.

This type of solution opens up scenarios ranging from video surveillance for security and new services typical of a smart city, from PA to services to local companies.

The visitor will be guided by experts from the company within the Data Center Tier IV and the Security Operations Center Enterprise, the 24-hour active centre that protects companies and public bodies from cyber attacks.

Similarly, virtual visitors will have the opportunity to explore NEXXT, the new Fastweb headquarters located in Milan.

Fastweb will create a 5G data connection in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) mode integrated into its fiber optic network, enabling a performance connection, low latency

Ntt Data will provide the new proprietary platform for the use of 5G, 5GEF (5G Enabling Fabric), developed in Italy with the collaboration of the Japanese parent company.

The platform is an application environment realized in Cloud or On-Premise that simplifies the rating of the 5G scenario by automatically configuring the resources necessary for the execution of the services required by the specific case of use.

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