Electronic signature is destined to play a fundamental role in Italian digitalization, at a time when companies are driven to dematerialize their processes and work remotely.

The same applies to the whole of Europe and the whole world: according to ReportLinker, the global electronic signature market, which last year was already worth almost 3 billion dollars, is estimated to reach 14 billion dollars by 2026.

With a million digitised documents by 2021 and 15 million by the end of 2023, the French startup YouSign is on the Italian market throughout Europe.

Fabian Stanciu, Country Manager Italia of YouSign, explains in a note that Yousign is a cloud solution designed for the European market, which issues its electronic signature certificates in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, holds

How to sign with YouSign

To conclude a signing procedure with Yousign, just upload the pdf of the document on the platform, determine the approved flow and then send the practical app to the signatory; to put the autograph on the document, just click on the received link, read the documents and sign

Unlike digital signature, a note from the French company explains, the use is immediate and there is no need to install software or have a physical tool like smart card or USB stick to sign.

The Yousign platform is available both via App and API, offering both a simple electronic signature solution, suitable for lighter practices, and an advanced electronic signature solution, for the most important transactions.

Security is guaranteed by a certified signature process thanks to multi-factor authentication (contact info, OTP code, identity verification), guaranteed integrity (a signed document is sealed and protected with encryption) and a test file with time marking

Founded in 2013, Yousign has about 100 dipentents, 5,000 customers and signs 2.5 million documents a month across Europe. Much of the team is composed of Italians, engaged in customer service dedicated exclusively to the Italian market.

In a note Fabian Stanciu says that YouSign aims to digitalize and dematerialize all the so-called routine documentation: estimates, orders, contracts, insurance policies and pre-contracts, brokerage mandates, recruitment proposals, The solution is flexible and adapts to many areas, from insurance to real estate, from human resources to banking, to the activities of SMEs, startups, freelancers and freelancers.

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