The one between Adobe Sign and Veeva Vault is an integration that makes it easier and faster for organizations operating in the field of life science to meet the strict safety and compliance requirements of this sector, for electronic and digital signature.

Adobe Sign in Veeva Vault • emphasized Adobe • enables the creation of digital documentary experiences without friction and connected.

Customers will benefit from this integration through workflows with digital documents that include legally binding and compliant cloud-based electronic signatures, enhanced by Adobe Sign.

This last announcement expands a wider relationship between Adobe and Veeva. Moreover, according to the software house, it plays a crucial role for the regulated companies in the life science sector that are trying to introduce greater efficiency in almost every touchpoint.

In fact, manual and repetitive tasks greatly burden productivity, when coordinators try to get signatures from more people, including those outside their organization, for approval or consent.

It is even more time-consuming when these signed paper documents require further downstream processing, such as scanning, archiving and manually entering data into document management systems. This also introduces risks of errors and non-compliance.

Adobe Sign allows organizations to collect electronic signatures that comply with global regulations.

Veeva Vault is a cloud-based application suite, including a content management platform, which offers life science industry organisations the opportunity to manage both content and data in a single platform, simplifying complex business requirements for a new business environment.

Thanks to this integration, the professionals of the life science industry will have a frictionless experience in sending documents for electronic signature directly from Veeva Vault.

Documents sent for electronic signatures are accessible from any device, allowing recipients to review and sign digital documents from anywhere.

This eliminates the need to download, print, sign manually and use traditional mail to send documents back. And this, in turn, simplifies the overall process, increasing productivity and creating a better customer experience.

In addition, Adobe added, Adobe Sign’s strategic partnership as a preferred electronic signature solution from Microsoft Plus many other partnerships with leading companies, such as Workday, ServiceNow and Salesforce

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