By 2025, Cloud Computing will lead the ICT infrastructure market and the Edge Computing will be an exponentially growing market.

This is what emerges from the new research . From Cloud to Edge, carried out by Reply with the proprietary Trend Sonar platform and the support of Teknowlogy Group.

In particular, the research examined the use of Cloud Computing and Edge Computing in the countries of clusters

Over the next 5 years, the Edge Computing will represent a fast growing segment of the cloud computing market in all countries of the At European level, Germany will be the main market for Cloud Computing and Edge Computing. The United States, on the other hand, will dominate the market globally.

The growing use of IoT solutions, the increased integration between Information Technology and Operational Technology and Industrial Control Systems in the IT stack are just some of the cases that will lead to a significant acceleration in the adoption of…Edge solutions by companies.

L’Edge Computing, in fact, can support companies in computing tasks that cannot be performed in the cloud and offers significant benefits when low latency, connectivity, security or privacy and volumes of data transmitted represent potential criticalities.

Edge and Distributed Cloud architectures will increase data processing speed, reduce any delays and enable technologies such as autonomous driving, digital factories, smart cities, digital health care, smart

The This is also thanks to mobile-edge computing, as technology able to guarantee a much lower latency, without local infrastructure and with non-on-premise computing units, but placed in the vicinity of a mobile tower.

The research also showed that Cloud Computing was the most popular segment of the ICT market during the most acute phases of Coronavirus’s pandemic, which gave a significant boost to the global spread of Cloud Computing,

Finally, research has shown that cloud technologies are a crucial element for the recovery and restart of production activities. By 2021, in both clusters

According to Reply’s research, the software as a service market is also set to grow at a sustained pace in all the countries analysed. In particular, by 2025 it is expected to double in the US, the UK and all the countries of the “Europe-5” cluster and could increase up to four times in India and China.

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