Ibm, at its Think Digital conference (rescheduled as a digital event only due to the current health emergency, like many other events), has revealed new services and solutions, with the support of a broad ecosystem of partners, designed to

These new offers combine Ibm’s experience and expertise in multicloud environments with Red Hat’s established open source technology, which joined Ibm last year, within one of the most

For organizations around the world, Ibm emphasized, the launch of 5G wireless telecommunications networks, which offer a very high speed and an extremely low latency for data mobile transmission, is destined to accelerate the utility of the

With the new edge computing services, Ibm Business Partners and Armonk’s multicloud open solutions, companies will be able to exploit the potential of 5G to support crucial uses such as emergency response, robotic surgery In addition, customers will benefit from advantages such as performing artificial intelligence and analytics on the edge, to get insights closer to where the work is done.

Ibm’s new edge computing and 5G offerings work on Red Hat OpenShift, the Kubernetes enterprise platform that works everywhere, from multiple public data centers to multiple clouds to the edge.

Ibm Edge Application Manager is an autonomous management solution that allows you to remotely deploy and manage corporate workloads of artificial intelligence, analytics and IoT, offering analysis and insights in real time on a large scale. The solution allows simultaneous management of up to 10,000 edge nodes by a single administrator. It is also the first solution powered by the Open Source Horizon project, created by Ibm engineers and designed to allow one person to safely manage a large network of edge devices.

Ibm Telco Network Cloud Manager is a new solution that provides intelligent automation capabilities to orchestrate virtual network and container functions within minutes. The service providers, Ibm explains, will have the opportunity to manage workloads both on Red Hat OpenShift and on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, a fundamental option since the telco will seek more and more ways to modernise their networks

Among the new solutions presented is a whole portfolio of applications and services edge-enabled, including Ibm Visual Insights, Ibm Production Optimization, Ibm Connected Manufacturing, Ib

The new dedicated IBM Services teams, for edge computing and telco, will then help customers deliver 5G and edge-enabled solutions in all sectors.

In addition to these products and services, the company also announced Ibm Edge Ecosystem, through which an increasing number of Isv, Gsi and others will help companies seize the opportunities of edge computing with a variety of technology-based solutions

In these open ecosystems of equipment manufacturers, network providers and It and software providers you can find, among other companies: Cisco, Dell Technologies, Juniper Networks, Intel, Nvidia, Samsung and many others. Among the companies that have already collaborated with Ibm to implement edge computing technologies is Vodafone Business.

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