We have seen in this article how the last edition of the annual report on the Italian ecommerce of idealo traces the buying behaviour of e-consumers.

The report tries to answer some interesting questions. One of these is: between big players and smaller shop, who offers the most convenient offers?

In general, the online channel can offer savings in the purchase of products. But is it necessarily the giants in the sector who can always offer the lowest prices? Apparently, not necessarily.

Ecommerce, David vs Goliath

The Commission considers that the Commission’s assessment of the compatibility of the measures with the internal market is not sufficient to assess the compatibility of the measures with the internal market. Among the major players, eBay follows, in 17.3% of cases.

But convenience is not found exclusively on large digital marketplaces. All the other Italian online stores, highlights the ideal search, reach a total of 49.5%. Of course, the ideal study identified the strongest realities in the ecommerce sector as those with the most competitive prices. And the overall results add up all these realities.

The study therefore seems to indicate that in the ecommerce there is space also for local ecommerce realities. And that the landscape is not limited to the presence of large US companies, whose marketplaces are global.

There are also specific cases where even the ecommerce offers of Italian online stores are on average more convenient.Ideal makes the example of consumer electronics, a driving category of the entire Italian ecommerce. This category recorded 33.9% of all purchase intentions in 2018; therefore, an example of some importance.

In consumer electronics, Idea found that in 61.6% of cases the lowest offer was proposed by an Italian shop. The giants, compared to that, have stopped much lower. The share is only 19.0% for eBay and 19.4% for Amazon and its Marketplace combined.

Not just electronics

Italian shops have also offered greater chances of saving for products related to health and beauty (60.1%). As well as for the category cars and motorcycles (50.5%).

In other categories these relationships vary. Amazon is strong on offers with the lowest price for children’s products, for example. As well as for the food and drink category.

Amazon Marketplace is awarded 50.7% of the offers with the lowest price for fashion and accessories. And it’s also strong on offerings for toys and gaming, and for sports.

On eBay, Idea instead found 38.2% of the most advantageous offers for animal products.

In the comparison by category, in six out of ten cases examined by idea, the lowest offer was that of an Italian eshop. These are: Furniture and Garden (45.5%), Car and Motorcycle (50.5%), Children and Babies (36.4%), Electronics (61.6%), Health, Beauty and Drug (60.1%), Sport and Outdoor (39.7%).

For Toys and Gaming (36.7%) as well as for Fashion and Accessories (50.7%) the most competitive price was proposed by Amazon Marketplace. In the remaining categories eBay has proposed the best offer in terms of price: Eat and Drink and Animal Products (38.2%).

From the analysis of idealo it is therefore found that the Italian shops are very competitive. It is therefore not necessarily convenient to confine itself to considering only the great international names. There are many ecommerce portals, sometimes specialized in a specific sector. And these can sometimes reserve positive surprises for digital buyers.

You can download the full report of idealo to this link.

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