Isendu is a platform for connecting marketplace and ecommerce with couriers, helping companies to improve the experience of online sales.

It was created last year by a startup composed of a Florentine team and is located in three poles: Florence, Milan and Terni, where the registered office is present.

And from today Richard Belluzzo (right in the picture), in the past President and Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft, and curator of the design of the entire Xbox line, becomes Chief Strategy Officer of Isendu.

Isendu is a cloud software that allows you to automate all logistics activities to have faster shipments.

It allows for example to monitor deliveries in real time or to compare rates of couriers. A single space therefore where to manage the online sales at best.

As Lando Barbagli, Managing Director of Isendu explains, in a note, • Our customers are e-commerce of small and medium size that carry out from 30 to 5 thousand shipments per month. Our solution offers a place that combines sales with shipments. We launched the project on June 10, 2020 and today we have reached about 500 customers. We would like to acquire a thousand more by next September, reaching 30 thousand within the next five years. We would thus become the European leading company in the sector. The market is growing and it responds very positively to our expectations. This is perhaps the only economy that has benefited from the pandemic, finding more strength and solidity.

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