The development of the use of ecommerce in Italy is often the subject of analysis, and a very interesting one is carried out annually by idea.

Easy to imagine that data will be largely exceeded during 2020, causing the prolonged closure of all physical retailers: many will seek a new approach to sales, landing in the world of online commerce.

Even Italian consumers who are so far reluctant to buy online platforms will find themselves forced to review (at least temporarily) their habits.

For both trade players, therefore, a time of great difficulty could turn into an opportunity for growth and diversification.

The German company analysed the online purchasing behaviour of Italians using price comparison.

The data analysed have allowed statistics to be compiled on the most purchased products online, from consumer electronics to fashion, interesting indications on the demographic profiles of users in the matter of digital purchasing habits and data related to the digital phenomena of mass last years, such as Black Friday or Amazon Pri

The results showed that 80% of Italian digital buyers make, on average, at least one online purchase per month. According to the report, Italian digital consumers can be divided into intensive (20%, at least one purchase per week), usual (80%, at least one purchase per month) and finally sporadic (20%, one purchase every quarter or less).

This division shows how the Italian digital market is dominated by regular buyers: one in two Italian consumers buy online at least once a month, if not more.

In all countries where there is an idea, except France, most online searches are carried out by men. As regards Italy, their weight is 61.7%, while that of women is 38.3%.

In contrast, in the age group, consumers aged 35 to 44 are predominant and represent 26.8% of the total, followed by 25-34 years (23.4%) and 45-54 years (21.5%). In Germany, France and Austria, the highest share is 25-34 years old.

The analysis carried out revealed that 95% of Italian e-consumers often read tests or guides to purchase. 92%, however, often read reviews and opinions of other users. 69% are more likely to buy a product if delivery is available at a pick-up point while 63% are available to buy at a less well-known online store if you can save money.

The data on the price trend of each product show important differences between the six European countries where it is ideally located. For example, the country where prices are most fluctuating is Spain (18.2%), followed by the United Kingdom (17.8%), Italy (17.7%), Austria (16.3%), France (13.7%) and Germany (13.2%).

During 2019, product prices have fluctuated by 23.7% if we consider the average fluctuations for the top 20 categories most sought in 2019. In detail, the products of the top 20 ideal whose prices have been more swinging were: backpacks (53.3%), ps4 games (47.2%), loudspeakers (41.0%), vacuum cleaners (40.0%), photographic lenses (28.0%), television

Regarding the savings possibilities of the online channel, in Italy, the ten products with the average maximum savings in 2019 were: video games (-37.6%), loudspeakers (-29.1%), vacuum cleaners (-28.5%), photographic lenses (-21.9%), televisions (-20.8%).

But what are the most purchased products on the net by Italians? Also according to the survey commissioned by idealo, electronic (74.9%), fashion and accessories (64.4%), with sneakers in particular (57.5%), are the most sought-after categories online by Italians. The following are beauty products and perfumes (46.9%), video games and toys (45.1%) along with everything you need for sport (38.3%). In addition, furniture products (32.2%) and animal products (28.1%) are of great importance.

In 2019, digital consumers sought and compared mainly the prices of smartphones and consumer electronics products. In this respect, Italian users show a certain affinity with European consumers.

The ten most popular products in Italy last year were: Italy: Apple AirPods 2 headphones of 2019, Dr Martens 1460 shoes for women, Apple iPhone XR smartphones and Apple iPhone 7, the

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