Var Group announces the acquisition of the majority of Skeeller through Adiacent, its company dedicated to customer experience and digital strategy.

Partner in Italy for the Ecommerce Magento platform, Skeeller completes the knowledge on Adobe solutions already present in Adiacent, and contributes to the creation of the competence center for the creation of customer experience projects.

A centre of excellence able to combine both the strategic component and the one related to the User Experience and Infrastructure, the mobile and the technical skills related to the ecommerce.

Skeeller, composed of a team of 15 people among consultants and highly specialized technicians, started working on open source platform in 2001. Over the years, it has strengthened its expertise on Magento, gaining over the years the Enterprise Partner certification and the awards of Core Contributor and Core Maintainer and positioning itself in a segment of know-how increasingly sought after, recognized and qualified.

In parallel, Skeeller has consolidated its expertise in PIM (Product Information Management) becoming the first Italian partner of Akeneo, PIM/PXM software solution, enabling the creation of multichannel experiences starting from management

The meeting with Var Group took place in 2015, with the creation of a shared team on the creation of customer experience projects and finds today the crowning with the acquisition.

With the acquisition of Skeeller by Adiacent and Var Group, a hub of expertise for large ecommerce solutions in multi-channel perspective, with a strategy to enhance the wealth of data, feedback and information generated by the relationship with the customer,

It is composed of a mosaic of advanced skills within Var Group, which contribute to consolidate the positioning of the Empolese group of services and ICT solutions for companies, part of the SeSa group listed at the Star segment of Borsa Italiana

With the acquisition of Skeeller new expertise in the management of product information and creation of ecommerce on Adobe platform, they integrate with those of analysis of results, measurement of performance and ecommerce, already present in Adiacent thanks to previous

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