A special edition comes in the popular Amazon smart speaker family with the integrated Alexa vocal assistant: it’s called Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition and is currently only available in India, not even in the United States

The launch in India responded to the requests of users in that country for a smart speaker of this type.

It is a smart Echo speaker, with Alexa’s integrated features, equipped with a built-in 4800 mAh rechargeable battery. Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition allows access to the music playlists and the vocal assistant Alexa from anywhere in the house, even away from a power outlet.

A single battery charge, Amazon states, provides up to 10 hours of music playback (it becomes 11 hours of standby autonomy). A row of LEDs on the device serves as a battery status indicator.

The new Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition is similar to the Echo Dot, even in size, apart from the higher height, evidently due to the presence of the built-in battery. It is compact and weighs less than half a kilo: it is therefore suitable to be easily moved from one room to the other of the smart home.

Wanting, even outdoor, since it does not need a power outlet. Amazon does not, however, indicate any particular protection features from dust and water, so it does not look like a device designed for outdoor use. In general, the giant of the “e-commerce” presents it as a speaker whose environment is domestic, within the context of the smart home.

Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker lets you listen to music from streaming services such as Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music and others, as well as match your smartphone via Bluetooth. It allows you to control the devices of the smart home and to take advantage of the features of more than 30 thousand available skills (given in the product page on the Indian site), and of course the ecosystem is constantly evolving.

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