The platform of the Israeli EasySend startup allows companies to increase engagement with their customers through the creation and optimization of digital customer journey with a no code setting.

EasySend’s promise is to make the customer data collection simple and funny, with the help of intuitive tools and dedicated features, which do not require the writing of programming code.

The objective of collecting customer data is, of course, for each company, to optimise and feed revenue growth, as well as to promote digital transformation and accelerate the innovation of the company. But an effective customer journey, EasySend stresses, is also useful to improve customer satisfaction and user experience.

The core of the platform is designed to allow companies to transform paper-based processes into digital experiences, quickly, efficiently and without code.

A dedicated builder helps to create modules and user experiences intuitively, using drag & drop, and to release them with a responsive design that fits perfectly even to smartphones and tablets.

The platform also provides pre-compiled components that allow you to add features such as electronic signature, file uploads or online payments. It also allows you to modify the elements of the graphical interface to adapt them to your brand: you can customize logos, colors, characters and more, maintaining a single logic of digital customer journey.

Without additional development work, it is possible to make digital journalies accessible on multiple channels, such as websites, SMS, apps, call centers, chatbots and others.

EasySend then helps simplify complex workflows, for example involving multiple people or rules and conditions, and integrates with back-end systems and third-party services.

After collection, analytics functions support the company in analysing data and optimising parameters such as completion rates, conversions and others.

All technical and commercial information on the platform is available on the EasySend website, as well as use case (especially in banking and financial) and examples of processes that can be digitized quickly with this solution.

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