The Competition and Market Authority concluded the investigation procedure on two unfair commercial practices in the field of comparisons and estimates in the financial and insurance sectors, carried out through the website. Therefore, sanctions were imposed for 1.050.000 euros at Mediation Credits SpA and for 5,950,000 euros at Broker Insurance SpA

The two sanctions of the Antitrust against

The first practice is of a misleading nature and in violation of Articles 21 and 22 of the Consumer Code. It is related to the fact that it does not make clear that the results of the comparison of loans are provisional. This is because individual funding institutions are entrusted with any assessment of the credit quality of the individual user.

With possible worsening of the economic conditions proposed in the budget phase.

It is a fundamental information concerning the actual contractual conditions, which can therefore affect the consumer’s choice.

With regard to RC Auto policies, it is not made clear with transparency that Prima Assicurazioni SpA is an intermediary company, and not an insurance company and therefore offers policies with compensation even in indirect form.

The second practice, aggressive in nature, violates Articles 24 and 25 of the Consumer Code. It consists of the fact that the consumer has been insistently offered an insurance policy, coupled with personal loans, by using automatic pop-up. Even to persons who at first expressed the will not to take out the policy itself. Moreover, for both loans and RC Auto policies, the Antitrust contests to a real solicitation activity by contacting also those who had not expressly requested a contact.

According to the Antitrust, this conduct is suitable to limit the freedom of choice of the consumer. This is because the solicitation not required in relation to a saved estimate constitutes a form of undue pressure, which can influence its choices.

The answer of

With regard to the AGCM measure, issued a note stating that:

• We do not share the Authority’s assessments in any way We also believe that AGCM’s assessments contain material factual and legal errors. The mission of is to offer a timely and transparent service that can allow the end user to reduce, even to a significant extent, family expenses, as confirmed by the fact that every day hundreds of users use our services. will appeal to the Lazio TAR to ask for the annulment of the measure

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