Dropbox has released a new integrated workspace, which the company itself defines as the biggest change in the history of the storage and collaboration platform, from the point of view of the user interface.

With the latest updates of the desktop user experience, dropbox.com and mobile app, users will benefit from a single workspace designed to integrate files, work tools and teams together.

The update also includes a new desktop app designed to provide users with a convenient access point to the work area. The new desktop app is available through the early access program that users can request access to to try the application.

Integration between tools and content, in the new Dropbox

The new update also brings cloud-based content to the Dropbox file system, to provide a central location for all the content and tools that the user most often uses.

Cloud-based content such as Google Documents, which users can now create and share within Dropbox. You can also open Microsoft Office files in Office Online or Google Documents.

Dropbox stores shortcuts to web content, with links to productivity tools such as Trello tabs, wiki pages and latest news. Users can now create and store shortcut web, along with traditional content, in their cloud storage space.

The app icon that is found in the Windows Taskbar and MacOS Menu Bar has also been updated to allow users to track what happens with shared content, to quickly access the most important jobs and You can now also access a team activity feed for updates on shared files.

A toolbox

The new Dropbox brings together not only content, but also tools that people use most frequently. The company announced last year Dropbox Extensions, a series of integration extensions that allow you to start and finish workflows within the Dropbox platform.

Now you can also start Slack conversations and send files to Slack channels directly from Dropbox, as well as easily share Dropbox files in Slack conversations. As well as you can join Zoom meetings directly from Dropbox as well as present files directly in Zoom.

The company has also started a partnership with Atlassian for a series of integrations that will come in the coming months and that will help teams organize, coordinate and execute projects.

The new features will be rolling-out over the coming weeks and the early access program for desktop applications is active, via opt-in.

More information about Dropbox news and the possibility to request early access is available at this link.

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