The company of the well-known cloud storage and file sharing platform announced that HelloSign is now the default electronic signature solution in Dropbox.

Embed HelloSign as a native feature in Dropbox, explains the company, enables the user to send, sign and store their most important documents in a single organized place, without having to leave Dropbox. Once completed, the digitally signed copy is automatically saved to Dropbox.

This new feature is now generally available to all users, to help them accelerate documentary workflows using digital tools and avoiding long and complex physical contracts.

The HelloSign eSignature solution in Dropbox allows you to sign sales contracts, letters and purchase orders digitally and quickly. eSigned documents are returned 80% faster than conventional contracts, says Dropbox, so that delivery times can be drastically speeded up.

Digital contracts also allow for faster resolution of requests for change. And since all this happens inside Dropbox, it’s easy to track who changed what and when, as well as receiving notifications about the next steps, improving the completion rates.

The eSignature solution by HelloSign and Dropbox simplifies the self-signing experience and signature request, eliminating many manual steps to complete contracts faster.

In addition, internal teams such as sales, marketing, finance and procurement can work together on the same document, regardless of where they operate, spending less time managing paperwork and more time helping customers, concluding business and securing new contracts with partners

With the new HelloSign solution, companies can quickly create and send a file for signature with just a few clicks and practically anywhere, on any device, all in Dropbox.

At the end of the operation, signed documents are automatically saved in Dropbox. And with the save-back custom function, you can automatically keep your organized files in Dropbox by selecting the save location.

With end-to-end encryption and clear audit trails, all documents come to the right person: with maximum transparency throughout the workflow, remote teams and essential workers have a simpler and safer way to work

The new HelloSign Dropbox solution is supported on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox, with support for Safari coming up.

All information is available on the Dropbox website dedicated to business solutions.

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