Dropbox has introduced three new experiences into its cloud file storage and collaboration platform, with features that help users do more with their content.

The first is Dropbox Capture, designed to communicate and save valuable time.

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Customers working with different time zones have offered Dropbox feedback to feel the need for new ways to provide context to their content without adding additional meetings and email exchanges.

Dropbox Capture has been designed as an all-in-one visual communication tool that helps team members share work and ideas in an asynchronous way.

This feature allows you to replace long emails and documents with short video messages to communicate with your team in a shorter time. It also brings clarity to your message by visually presenting your work through screen recordings, GIFs and easy-to-take screenshots.

With Dropbox Capture, you can transmit the context and connect more deeply with custom messages. At the same time, by easing your agenda and avoiding the difficult planning of meetings between different time zones.

Dropbox Capture is now in beta version for personal and business plans.

Dropbox Replay is a video collaboration tool that makes it easier to collect, manage and respond to feedback, all in one place.

This feature allows you to easily share videos with your team colleagues, so that other people don’t have to download the video or take separate notes in an email or document to provide their feedback.

Dropbox Replay allows you to leave precise comments and annotations to the frame, even if you don’t have a Dropbox account. And it avoids having to search between various emails and chat threads of different collaborators: all feedback is documented in Replay.

Replay, announced Dropbox, will soon arrive in beta version and for now you can register to the waiting list to ask for access to the preview.

Finally, Dropbox Shop is coming, designed to allow you to sell your digital content.

Many content creators › said the company › rely on Dropbox to facilitate remote collaboration. With the rise of the creator economy and the new platforms for content monetization, there is even more opportunity for Dropbox to support the work of creators.

For those who are creating content for a secondary activity, hobby or potential new business, and are looking for a way to sell it, now Dropbox Shop allows you to sell digital content stored on the cloud storage platform.

Dropbox Shop allows you to easily create product lists and add content directly from Dropbox or your computer, set a custom image, an audio or video preview and fix the price.

The platform automatically handles the delivery of content at the time of payment, so the user will not have to manage payments and delivery. You can then share product catalogues directly with customers or via social media and the creator keeps 100% ownership on its customer base.

Service users keep their content safe with the validation of customer email for further downloads and can evaluate their catalogues with aggregate sales, views and revenue analytics.

Dropbox Shop will soon arrive in beta version, announced the company. Here again you can register for the waiting list.

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