The Privacy Authority has turned on a lighthouse against initiatives that provide with too easy the use of drones. The increasing use of these instruments for the most diverse purposes could be detrimental to the confidentiality of the filmed.

In recent days the Authority has intervened to verify the correct processing of data carried out by using drones with a request for information sent to the Municipality of Bari. The Authority, according to a statement on the institutional site and press reports, in addition to the drone fleet already used by the local police, would like to use others to monitor \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The Municipality must provide the Garante with all the information required (technical characteristics of drones, purposes pursued, time for storing images, communications to third parties), sending a copy of the possible impact assessment on data protection provided by the EU Regulation.

At the end of August, a similar request for information was sent to Rome Capitale. According to news of press, in fact, since next autumn the Local Police of Rome will be equipped with 9 small drones for monitoring and control of the city territory: with the start of the investigation the Guarantor intends to verify the impact of the initiative on the privacy of the Within 20 days Rome Capital beyond providing the required information will have to send a copy of the impact assessment or specify the reasons why it did not feel it had to be carried out.

Today, finally, a request for information has been sent to the Company Usl Roma 3 to verify the correct processing of personal data, including health, as part of an initiative scheduled on 4 and 5 September on the beaches of Ostia. According to press reports, the health care company through a drone would want to detect the body temperature of all people on the beach. In view of the sensitivity of the processing of personal data intended to be carried out, in the absence of a clear legal basis that can legitimise them, the Guarantor has asked the company to provide a series of clarifications. Within 7 days the company will have to specify, among other things, who is the data controller of the persons subjected to body temperature detection, the reasons for the detection, the reliability of the tools used, the expected consequences for those who turn out to have a temperature higher than the physiological one

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