Recently, users in different areas of Italy have recorded downs of the Vodafone network, which have concerned telephone, both fixed and mobile, as well as Internet connection.

More or less on the same days, the popular social ‘visuale’ Instagram has also gone down, presenting malfunctions not only in Italy but, apparently, globally.

In cases like these there is often doubt whether the impossibility of accessing the Internet or certain services depends on our network, our account or independent causes and beyond our control.

Downdetector is an online tool, available at this link, which can come to the aid when we need to know if other users, besides us, are experiencing a certain disservice.

Downdetector, the

Downdetector is an online service of Dutch company Ookla B: the company that manages it defines it as a…

From the user’s point of view, Downdetector offers a real-time overview of the status of numerous services and any malfunctions or interruptions. The service is not limited to covering mobile operators and Internet connectivity, but seeks to photograph all the services that have become part of our digital daily life.

So, for example, I’m next to operators like Tim, Vodafone, Fastweb and others, we also find messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram and the most popular social media, including Facebook, Twitter and, for the Nor do you miss the most important audio and video streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Spotify, including Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, cloud storage services, app stores, even different home banking platforms, and more.

Of course Downdetector does not enter into the merits of the explanation nor does it enter into the problem solving: the platform merely tracks the status of the services by collecting the communications made by users from a number of sources, including Twitter reports.

On the status page for a specific company or service, the Downdetector website shows a real-time overview with a graph of the reports received, with the possibility to view the origin on a map.

You can also add comments, so users can update and compare on the disservices they are experiencing.

Downdetector’s website can be reached at this link.

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