The issue of protecting diversity at work has again become a priority in the wake of recent demonstrations against racism and social injustices, which have further lit up the spotlight on inequalities.

Many companies are urged to take timely action to address equal opportunities issues in the company and promote a more inclusive working environment.

Inclusion is not yet a obvious path.

Traceing data on diversity and establishing reports is a first step now widespread, but feeding an inclusive culture requires strategic planning and targeted actions, based on a more holistic view of belonging and diversity in the company.

In order to understand their employees, employers must take into account the multiple identities and perspectives that each employee can hold in itself and pursue equality in the experience they intend to provide to the diverse community of their employees.

Today, employers can create a fairer and more inclusive working environment with Vibe Central and Vibe Index solutions, proposed by Workday, which provide essential information to accelerate initiatives and outcomes in terms of membership and diversity.

The two management solutions help HR managers to promote initiatives on belonging and diversity and to better assess inclusion, membership and equity in the workplace. Hence the name of the solution: Value Inclusion, Bunging, Equity, in initial, VIBE.

In summary, Vibe Central is a database for companies that are going to increase their initiatives in terms of membership and diversity and offers best practice content and reports to provide businesses with a centralized view of the diversity and composition of their workforce.

With Vibe Index, however, Workday aims to provide the world’s most comprehensive catalogue of information on membership and diversity, which will allow companies to measure and compare data on membership, equality, diversity and inclusion in a fair way and to better assess data on membership, equality and diversity

Vibe Central: diversity and composition of the workforce

With Vibe Central, you can centralize all data on diversity and inclusion in the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) management system.

Thus, companies can set appropriate targets and monitor the results achieved.

It is possible to evaluate, measure, compare and manage data on diversity and inclusion according to categories of your choice, such as ethnicity and gender.

The solution also allows monitoring of a number of non-secondary factors, including recruitment (the company can better understand whether the recruitment policy is balanced or whether a category is over or under represented), promotions (the managers can analyse metrics to determine whether the process of

Vibe Index: the strategy of belonging and diversity

With Vibe Index, human resource managers can establish a strategy for belonging and diversity and create a tailor-made plan to stimulate positive changes.

Vibe Index measures relative performance and success of the initiatives implemented by the company in the fields of talent acquisition and development, leadership development, employee experience and culture at work, to establish a mapping that allows to identify the most interesting opportunities to promote positive change. VIBE Index also offers a score to assess the overall level of equity in the company.

The Index solution uses Workday Prism Analytics to easily integrate external data sets, such as employee sentiment survey data, to perform real-time analysis and to have more complete information, all in Workday.

Vibe Index is designed to overcome the problems and gaps present in current inclusion indices and analytical tools and diversity and provides information on membership and equality, but also inclusion rates and diversity throughout the entire life cycle of an employee

Vibe Central is already available, at no extra cost for HCM Workday users. Workday offers a promotion until 28 February 2021 to provide advice and a guide on best practices to the top 300 HCM customers as well as support for tool configuration.

Vibe Index will be integrated into Workday Prism Analytics and will be available to all customers from the first quarter of 2021.

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