The digitisation of the relationship between citizens and PAs and administrative bodies can be a solution to a problem. But we’re not close to direct reporting today. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italia has developed a solution that allows professionals and companies to optimize their relationship with the Public Administration in terms of managing a module that is not stable for time and content.

The digitalization of Italian PAs continues but the path is not fast. The DESIGN report (Index of digitisation of the economy and society) places Italy in 18th place in the EU with regard to digital public services. This ranking consists of some distinct values: e-government users, pre-compiled modules, public services for citizens, public services for businesses, open data.

In the availability of pre-compiled modules, Italy ranks 18th with a score of 51 on a European average of 63.

From these numbers it is clear that the relationship with PA and the modulery necessary to maintain this relationship continues, and will continue to be mediated.

A mediation that is typically entrusted to the professional firm, to the accountant.

But the professional also needs digital support and Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italy has developed and updated the ideal solution for managing administrative and social security practices.

The work process of the firm requires the professional to manage on behalf of its clients many practices, which are often repeated from year to year. For all these practices the study must always be ready with the right model, updated to the latest regulatory innovations and with the certainty that the file is produced compatible with the systems required for acceptance.

The solution to this concrete problem is Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italy that has developed TuttoModelli, a software that starts from the real needs of professionals and SMEs who have to manage practices towards PA, public bodies and associations and that base its efficiency

For no professional firm or for an administrative management of a company it is easy to complete and present the correct and up-to-date forms of various administrative, fiscal and social security activities in a simple, rapid and above all automatic and up-to-date regulatory way.

AllModels solve this problem digitally with quality, accuracy and timeliness. The solution uses only one integrated software without using various to carry out different practices, it is also easy to use and is complete for each management because it makes available over 500 modules, paper and telematics ready to use and always updated to the latest current legislation.

Modules for single business communication, for communications of changes and terminations for VAT purposes, for INPS and INAIL practices and for requesting the 110% superbonus are just some of the models a professional has to use cyclically. • AllModels • is already equipped to meet the needs of the innovative ACE tax credit (Help to Economic Growth) introduced by Decree Supports bis.

AllModels indicate if and when a new model is available, based on a new regulation with very short response times and availability to meet the professional needs.

It allows you to compile repetitive data automatically and provides monitoring tools with respect to ongoing activities on the various clients for which the professional is working.

The new Wolters Kluwer software, thanks to automation, has some decisive advantages that simplify the operation of the professional.

The management of the requirements develops with a faster procedure thanks to the integration of defined working processes and at any time it is possible to retrace the history of the specific customer through its practices or directly of the same practice in elaboration at that time.

The templates are always available for consultation, printing or for the creation of the telematic file.

The user interface is simple, clear and immediate. The data entry is quick and guided according to the type of document or record inserted and the model is automatically compiled with data collected from the single archive and integrated with any specific data of the model being processed.

The solution allows a customization of the model with a description that facilitates a future search and, of course, a preview of the official module.

With TuttoModels, the personal information (e.g. companies, individual and private companies) is centralized, always updated and made immediately available for the complete compilation of all models present. Additional data on buildings, land, employees and employees can also be entered in addition to accompanying documents (e.g. cda scanning).

A clear and practical dashboard allows the complete view of all practices and deadlines with the progress and with the possibility to check at any time if the practice is finished, delivered and transmitted.

The new software is really decisive and very easy to use, but it is accompanied by appropriate ministerial instructions, updated help and online tutorials to simplify the compilation of the most complex models.

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