Iab Europe’s latest research reveals that digital video advertising is now an integral part of cross-screen campaign strategies.

Iab Europe is the leading sector association at European level for the digital advertising ecosystem. The association has published its latest report .

The report provides information on growth drivers and the adoption of digital video advertising in Europe. On how the video is conveyed both on the purchasing side and on the sales side and on future trends.

Now in its third edition, the Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising 2018 report underlines that digital video is now an integral part of marketers’ advertising plans. Digital video is a key factor in the digital advertising market, which is now worth EUR 48 billion in Europe.

The Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising survey was developed by the Iab Europe Video Task Force and Research Committee for the first time in 2016.

The study asks advertisers, agencies and publishers throughout Europe for their investment and turnover levels per device and format. As well as their measurement objectives and needs, trends that are seeing in the offer and cross-screen planning. As well as, how they see their investment levels evolve for the future.

Investments in digital video advertising on the increase

The report highlights that investment in digital video advertising is set to increase in the near future. Over 90% of respondents quoted an increase over the next 12 months.

The share of digital videos traded at Programmatic level is growing. About 90% of all stakeholders use a Private Marketplace (Programmatic Direct). And a quarter of advertisers buy more than 60% of their digital video advertising space via open RTB.

The results show that advertisers’ KPI indicators are evolving. Digital video is an integral part of multimedia planning and purchasing. Adds elements of effectiveness (incremental campaign direction) and efficiency (reduction in contact cost) to linear TV campaigns. More than half of advertisers believe that combined TV and video campaigns are an incremental reach driver.

Advertisers use a more sophisticated range of metrics to assess media effectiveness. Among them: brand awareness, cost for completed views, reach and frequency deduplicate, verification of audience and brand safety. And to verify the impact of digital video on brand and sales results.

Formats and video content

According to the report, while advertisers are adopting new formats and video content \”digital first \”, the industry is still dependent on in-stream formats.

Outstream video formats continue to increase, but in-stream video formats continue to dominate spending. While video out-stream advertising investments continue to grow for advertisers and agencies in 2018, video advertising in-stream and in-banner still attracts the largest overall investment.

The use of TV content for digital video advertising campaigns is declining. This decline has been offset by many other advertisers who opt for a combination of both, adapted TV content and original content. Surprisingly, however, almost 20% of advertisers still use only re-adapted TV content for mobile video.

Finally, publishers are embracing video formats to support the growing needs of users and advertisers. The number of publishers who reported that more than 80% of their inventory was video increased by 72%, from 16% in 2017 to 28% in 2018.

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