Together we win is the slogan that characterizes the next edition of the annual TeamSystem Talks event, which this year will still be held in full digital version, on June 11th. And as usual for Pesaro software house (but now also Milanese) behind the payoff there is a real manifesto.

TeamSystem should be recognized as always prophetic in writing the action programme presented to Talks.

So if four years ago it was about breathing the air of change and taking the wind and the right wave (Surf the change) in the last of this series of events held physically, and that was also traveling, at the end of 2019, the theme was explicitly transformation

› explains the deus ex machina of the event, Daniele Lombardo, Marketing, Institutional Relations and Communication Director › the sense that TeamSystem wants to give

These are impressive numbers that snub Daniele Lombardo to present the Talks 2021, which will be held on 11 June online: a unique event made of 19 events in parallel and that will feature TeamSystem partners. 4100 members to date, will soon become 5,000.

Numbers that pair with those from all over 2020, which was a positive year, from the point of view of economic results, for TeamSystem, which reacted well to the pandemic. Also thanks to the fact that the company, by virtue of its pre-emptive positioning with respect to the digital theme, was prone to smartworking: revenues increased by 10%, to 460 million euros, with MOL grown by more than 10%.

Federico Leproux: we use the safety car of the shooting

The substance of the moment is that well defined by the CEO of TeamSystem, Federico Leproux, for which Now I can take it for granted. The theme, therefore, is what needs to be done in detail, in practice for a digitised country system that has experienced a pceleration of the ecommerce, the supply chain and digital payments, where the Spid is widespread and can become the standard for the B

For Leproux it is an unbeatable opportunity, not to be left on the table. The safety car of the recovery after the pandemic helps us to fill the gap. Like Paerse, we have a lot of money to manage from the PNRR, 220 billion of which a quarter goes digital.

TeamSystem will use its own themes to capture it: digitalization of the firm, the company, industry 4.0, digital payment services, digital management of human resources.

And to emphasize that digital transformation is also cultural, Leproux says that TeamSystem has adapted the organization. From functional logic we have moved to business units that contain all functions: professional, vertical, microbusiness companies.

General Manager of the Enterprise Solution Unit business is Stefano Roversi, who explained how customer journey management has entered the TeamSystem world: • We invest in monitoring the customer at all times of his experience •. All TeamSystrem’s core Enterprise offer is on SaaS cloud and already makes 45% of new sales. And in this context the inclusion of financial services directly in the Erp is yet another manifestation of playing ahead of the customer persuasion that connotes TeamSystem.

For Giuseppe Busacca, General Manager of BU Professionals ›The professionals today are in the presence of two new features: digital is no longer just for pioneers, but for all, starting with customers: digital demand comes from below The second is that the concept of digital study is an opportunity to give new services and no longer to do better the things that are already done.

The financial aspect can and must be digitised

And in terms of digital finance, • with the tools we provide the study can give advanced advice on the risk analysis plan, and make collection and payment services, in advance on invoice • •.

On the theme of digital finance, Enrico Causero, General Manager Cloud Microbusiness & Digital Finance emphasized the three central aspects that feature TeamSystem’s action.

First, access to credit, whether for those who grow and need liquidity, or for those who are in difficulty. The hand we give is digital: in the management the algorithm proposes to direct invoices correctly, to get the payment in the right time.

We are talking about the sale of commercial credit, then the tax credit, now also on microloans, with the lending fintech. •Invoices are already in management, must be exploited • • is the Mantra of TeamSystem

Secondly, the management of payments. › We are not alternatives to payment institutions, but we are a software house that links management with the accounting experience that lies behind the invoice the time of payment: you can pay and collect directly from The legislation allows it. In B2B we are the first to do so.

Third, data monetization. With the acquisition of fintech Modefinance, a regulated entity, TeamSystem can carry out assessments of the health of the companies carrying them into the management.

Behind all these innovations, to provide collaborative and cloud services there is an intense and continuous activity of TeamSystem Research and Development, coordinated by Chief Solution Officer Fulvio Talucci, moved by the guiding principle that we

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