The Minister for Technology Innovation and Digital Transition, Vittorio Colao, has appointed the first experts to compose the Advisory Committee for the Digital PA, the advisory body of the Minister and the Department on the issues of digitalization of the Public Administration

Will be part of the Advisory Committee for the Digital PA Michela Bambara, Chief Digital and Information Officer of Falck Renewables; Carlo Bozzoli, Global Chief Information Officer of Enel; Michaela Castelli

Two expert groups will be joined by the Minister’s Support Committee.

A group will involve the directors of information systems of the Public Central Administrations, the Public Local Administrations and the In-houses to identify synergistic actions and short-term results in the perimeter of the plans for 2026 (co-ordinated by the Head of Department of MI

A technical table will deal with the digital transition of the territory, to identify needs and to direct solutions towards more useful, simple and fast services (coordinated by Roberta Cocco).

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