From today you can ask with an entirely digital procedure the online correction of your personal data on the website of the National Population Resident Angraph.

It is available on the portal of the National Population Resident Angraph (ANPR), the service

The correction request service will be enabled progressively to all municipalities present in ANPR (as of June 23, 7.585, for 64,738,995 citizens), with the aim of digitizing the services of the Publbica Administration.

In the reserved area of the ANPR website, citizens with Electronic Identity Card (CIE), National Service Card (CNS) or SPID may request the correction of one or more inaccurate data of their personal data, reporting the

They may also monitor the processing status of the request and authorise the receipt of notifications of its progress.

If the Request for rectification function is already active for the municipality of residence, the data correction item will be present among the functions available on the Portal ANPR, in the section dedicated to the citizen.

The data for which correction is possible can be identified with the pencil

The documentation will be kept by the ANPR system only until the complete escape of the request and then by the Municipality.

The municipalities will be able to manage and monitor requests received from citizens, by providing corrections in the ANPR database through their management or through the ANPR web app, whose functionalities allow the official of the registry to process requests for rectification directly or

The Portal of the National Population Registry (ANPR) of the Ministry of the Interior collects information of almost 8,000 Italian municipal angraphers.

A secure and deduplicate site

L’ANPR, reports a joint note of the ministries of the Interior and of the Innovation Technological and Digital Transition, is an integrated system, realized by Sogei, with high safety standards, that allows municipalities to interact with the others

Allow data to dialogue, avoiding duplication of documents, ensuring greater certainty of the data and protecting the personal data of citizens.

The Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is the holder of the technical-operational coordination of the initiative.

ANPR currently collects 98 percent of the Italian population. The National Registry, which includes the National Register of Italian residents abroad (AIRE) of 5 million and 500 thousand people, involves more than 59 million residents in Italy and will be completed during 2021. On the portal it is possible to monitor the progress of the accession process by the Italian municipalities.

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