• Italy had the opportunity to recover the lost ground and jump a step in the digital transformation path • • • Italy had the opportunity to turn on the motor of digitalization of processes.

Filippo Ligresti, Vice President and General Manager of Dell Technologies Italia, says this in commenting on the data from the Digital Transformation Index, a biennial research (joint to the third edition) that Dell Technologies carries out worldwide in the

Between July and August of this year, the research company Vanson Bourne interviewed for Dell Technologies 4,300 corporate leaders, medium and large companies from 18 countries, creating a global benchmark that indicates the state of transformation of companies.

The report shows that more than 85% of Italian companies accelerated digitalisation during 2020.

A figure above the European average (75.3%), but also compared to historically more mature technological nations, such as Germany (71.7%), France (70.7%), UK (72.3%).

The findings are interesting and correct data for Ligresti. Data that lead him to say that digital transformation is present in the lives of all and managers of companies.

To the point that it can be said that if the company as a whole worked, during the months of lockdown, it was thanks to digital

What digital?

C’was, overall, an acceleration of the projects on digital, but in these months Italy was ahead, in the platoon of the head, to use a cycling metaphor.

• Italy had the opportunity to recover the lost ground and jump a step in the digital transformation path • • • Italy had the opportunity to turn on the motor of digitalization of processes.

For Ligresti in Italy the priority was the ability to work remotely. The second focus was the safety of companies. Third focus, attention has been paid to the use of data to make decisions, as well as projects that are physically and logically dispersed, in edge computing logic.

The feedback of Italian digital

At the global level of the Digital Transformation Index, for Ligresti we Italians, we are those who have the less agile workforce, but who is trying to change the trust relationship between employer and worker. Some managers have switched from card control to performance control. One thing that will affect more than others in future.

Another relevant theme for Ligresti is to give access to an acceptable network: ♪ Let’s not hide that digital divides it also makes a lacked infrastructure ♪

Then the’mental’ barriers to digital transformation have their effect, such as respect for privacy and the Gdpr, that is the psychological pressure of a regulator, which puts us in a bit of trouble, ‘if compared to other countries, removes dynamism

According to the report, there are three main obstacles to the success of digital transformation in Italy: fears about data privacy and cybersecurity, lack of financial resources and the impossibility of obtaining information from the data in possession.

At the same time, the main investment areas are 5G, security and data management tools.

L About Covid: 4 out of 10 think they will survive the pandemic wave, one out of 4 fears to succumb in two years.

However, the number of companies (4.7%) is still low, which is accelerating on Industry 4.0 technology in a country that has always had a strong manufacturing vocation such as Italy.

Good performance

In this overall scenario Dell Technologies is said to be satisfied with the 2020 business.

C’was a big push on the PC front, strong demand that continues. We also did very well at the infrastructure level on the server and storage side. We have usurped the turnover in the first nine months, keeping a balanced mix And the last quarter of the outlook, which will end in January, is positive.

The good results are motivated by Ligresti with the observation that Dell can address the technological problems in an organic and integrated way, at 360 degrees, and this in the current historical moment is an advantage. We can maintain a direct and constant two-way relationship with customers (5,000 Italian companies), whatever their size (we have 200 commercial people. This is an asset, because it gives us immediate feedback and does not impact on the supply chain.

Pandemics and institutional relations

The pandemic has impacted little on the thousand Italian people of Dell Technologies, who have entered into smart working since February 23 and continue now, with offices open in case of need. Maximum operational continuity and maximum support.

At the beginning of the pandemic, large companies took a stand, now experiencing an important recovery in attention to digital investment.

Politics has also convinced itself that technology has never been as central as today, and has launched initiatives to support the country’s economy.

In this regard, Ligresti confirmed that Dell Technologies is planning to participate in a series of institutional meetings. The programme was due to start in these months, but due to the new health emergency it was postponed until early 2021.

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