Cisco Italia has developed a reskilling program dedicated to digital skills and specifically aimed at professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises. This is an initiative that provides for free training levels, which can be used online. As well as the possibility to articulate specialized training courses with the support of the Cisco Networking Academy present throughout Italy.

The interesting initiative stems from the evaluation by Cisco Italia of the current landscape of the world of work, made of challenges and opportunities.

Digital transformation in the most diverse sectors of the economy and labour market creates great opportunities. But there is also an increasingly pressing need for staff with the skills needed to make the most of new technologies.

Acting on the training of young people, enriching school and university curricula and creating new paths, is necessary, but not enough to face the gap. A gap that can have very serious consequences on our ability to compete.

According to the latest Excelsior report by Unioncamere and ANPAL, cited by Cisco, the possession of digital skills is required by almost 60% of professional figures. This knowledge is required to a high degree in 62.5% of the specialist professions, 58% of the managers, 53.9% of the technical profiles, 49% of the employees. And they’re part of the profile required for a new in-two job.

Cisco’s reskilling program

The Cisco reskilling program includes three different areas: cybersecurity, digital transformation and programming. These are the areas where the skill gap is greater or which are most critical for innovation. Individual professionals and companies will be able to choose one of the three routes and decide whether to complete the three steps or to take only one or more of the courses indicated, depending on what they think most appropriate.

Solutions for SMEs to be implemented with Cisco skills


Cybersecurity professionals are few, Cisco points out. But at the same time, the spread of digital in companies in traditional sectors requires awareness of risks and correct behaviour to be maintained. The ability to protect virtual borders of businesses and organisations is the key to fully exploiting the potential of digital.

In this context, the reskilling programme prepared by Cisco provides for three levels.

First level: registration and online attendance of the course • Introduction to Cybersecurity • 15 hours. This allows you to understand the threat landscape, understand and adopt correct behaviour for data protection, applications, digital services.

Second level free: online registration and attendance for the intermediate course • Cybersecurity Essential •. This is a basic training on cybersecurity technologies and network defence procedures, leading to further professional training.

Third level: Cisco CCNA Security and CCNA CyberOps certifications accessible through Cisco Networking Academy on Italian territory.


For developers there is a gap of incoming skills that makes hiring specialized staff difficult. And also a gap of cross-cutting skills, because more and more technical professions and It also provide the ability to interact with software and in some cases develop it.

In this context, the reskilling offer proposed by Cisco provides three levels based on the acquisition of skills of an increasing level.

First level free with the NDG Linux Unhatched course. The course addresses the superficial aspects of the Linux back end operating system. It provides for some hands on activities that in 8 hours of online training allow you to get closer to this world.

Second level free with the NDG Linux Essential and Phyton courses. 70-hour courses available online to learn what you need on Linux and prepare for professional certifications in this sector. It is also enriched by Phyton language training.

Third level: programming courses C, C++, NDG Linux I and II accessible through the Cisco Networking Academy on Italian territory.

Digital Transformation

To help deal with digital transformation, Cisco provides a range of courses.

First level free with the online course Introduction to the IoT. It is a 20-hour course that allows you to understand the technologies of the Internet of Things and have a starting point for developing further skills.

Second level free with the Big Data & Analytics course. It is a 50-hour course dedicated to learning the skills needed to manage, view data obtained from IoT networks and apply data analytics.

Third level accessible through Networking Academy in Italian: professional certifications CCNNA and CCNP. These two certifications attest to the skills of creating, managing and maintaining networks at the base or advanced level. Associating with this knowledge also what is learned from the topic of big data creates a highly required professional profile in companies.

Information and content are available on the website of the Cisco reskilling program at this link.

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