LG Electronics has announced the launch of one of its most versatile and scenic solutions in the product range for digital signage, LED Film Transparent.

LED Film Transparent represents a real revolution in technology for LG Electronics in the digital signage sector and in particular for retail.

It is a transparent film that can be applied to any glass surface thanks to its special self-adhesive material and that thanks to a high degree of transparency (53%) can guarantee good visibility through the surfaces even after its application: a feature that makes it particularly suitable for

It also integrates with any kind of environment, thanks to its versatility and minimal design and low structural impact.

The LED film from LG, in fact, is able to bend up to a radius of curvature of 2,000R. This allows applications on hollow and convex surfaces and on curved glass or windows, ensuring a uniform surface.

In addition, the size and layout of the film can be customized to fit the installation area. It can be expanded by adding multiple films in vertical or horizontal, or cut in parallel making endless application possibilities.

The LEDs integrated in the film, with a pitch of 14mm, and brightness up to 2,100 nit allow the reproduction of a wide range of colors and shapes in motion (from logos and pictograms up to more complex images or entire videos) so as to

When the LEDs are switched off, the LG film is practically imperceptible, so much so that it merges with the surface on which it is applied.

In addition, using the Control Manager solution, you can adjust and set the brightness depending on the time of day and manage the content in real time.

LED Film Transparent is equipped with the webOS smart signage platform of LG that allows intuitive navigation and simplified control of many functions. Thanks to SCAP support and HTML, CSS and JavaScript compatibility, it also saves a lot of time and costs.

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