Cisco and The Human Safety Net have joined forces under the current refugee programme in Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland.

The aim of the partnership is to create spaces and training opportunities for refugees who wish to create their own entrepreneurial initiative in the host countries.

The two realities want to help job seekers acquire those specific skills that help them to enter the labour market.

Cisco and Human Safety Net joint commitment

The Human Safety Net refugee startups program and the Cisco Networking Academy have found a common ground for action, with great potential, which is already bearing fruit.

In Germany, in Munich, The Human Safety Net and Cisco are already working with the ReDi School of digital integration as part of a training programme for refugees that also involves other realities including the municipality of Monaco.

This program has led to the creation of a Hub for Digital Education and Integration, designed to offer refugees those digital skills that have taken on even greater importance over the last year, when the emergency from Covid-19 radically changed

The method adopted focuses on collaboration and co-creation and combines lessons in presence and educational initiatives at a distance. To date, more than a thousand students have already been involved in the programme. The possibility of replicating the same model is already being worked out in other countries where the programs for refugee startups of The Human Safety Net are present, with different local partners but with the same objectives and a common strategy.

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