To enable exhibitors, craftsmen, professionals and small businesses to expand their digital business and do business on the web, Ubi Banca and Italiaonline have launched a series of initiatives to provide tools to strengthen small business activities.

The project is part of the measures adopted in the program Relaunch Italy, plan from 10 billion euros started by Ubi Bank at the beginning of the emergency health support companies and families and is part of the collaboration between the institute of credto and Italyonline undertaken last year

In support of companies that choose to open up to the digital channel or to increase the activity already started by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Online, Ubi Banca makes available the initiatives of Riuncio Italia to finance investments, combined with various diversified services such as the Po

The digital check-up of Italiaonline

In the context of the Italiaonline partnership, Ubi Banca offers customers a free check-up with its digital consultants to identify the activities to be started for the opening of digital channels or to improve their use to grow the business.

Italiaonline provides services to be found more easily on the web (presence), to present itself to the best with professional sites (site), to receive traffic and contacts with digital advertising campaigns (adv) and to carry out, on customer’s request, communication projects, e-

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