All the approaches of the digital event Amazon Business Exchange 2020, the company, the Italian company, and the Italian company, Gerardo Di Filippo, to understand more about the Italian procurement scenario, the real digital transformation of Italian companies

We said, the year will be a fully digital event, and it is important that it is so, that it is better to embody a transformation process in place of a business purchasing function that is traditionally linked and evoked to offline procedures.

♪ We worked so many months to organize this digital event ♪ explains Di Filippo ♪ Last year it was held in London. An online event that will serve to say that digital procurement is worth even more than you might think it is.

In the folds of the technical reports and testimonies of the 2020 We understand, there will be the evolution path proposed by the Amazon model, with a mental openness on possibilities and new business operating schemes.

Digital procurement and beyond

Let’s start by repeating what Amazon Business is. In fact, it is a marketplace, an online store that serves millions of professionals, based on Amazon’s established experience for the private sector.

So the offering pillars are wide selection of products, competitive prices, convenience of purchase, all rethought for a business user.

But perhaps even to say marketplace is reductive, says Di Filippo: Âhere we are in real procurement. For example, we think about the possibility of including approval groups in the purchasing decision instrument.

In this typically cloud logic, Amazon Business becomes a digital space where business decision makers act as if the platform were in the company.

Do you need to have a cloud for such optimized purchases now? Indeed, for Di Filippo, who quotes us a recent study, which says that 60% of the office buyers and Chief Procurement Office, asks loudly “that there are artificial intelligence and machine learning to support them to take ade

Office purchases as a value bearer

To make sure that the business buys the level of the service, you need a technological injection, which is the one that brings Amazon Business. ♪ Among the innovations we bring to the purchasing function ♪ explains Di Filippo ♪ there are our knowledge of machine learning, which we use continuously to predict the demand of products and reduce the storage costs This reduces the cost for the end user.

Machine learning, in essence, automatically offers products at the purchasing offices.

The landscape is made by over 250 million products, divided into over 20 categories. We are talking, for example, about computer products, wireless systems, professional tools, office supplies, memories, and even air conditioning systems for companies.

Specific business products selected on the basis of the analysis of business needs. • Amazon Business • explains Di Filippo • was born with this approach. We realized that many companies normally bought on Amazon. We realized that there was a gap to fill. And not only by selecting products for companies, but by adding services.

Advanced Amazon Model

To do so, explains Di Filippo, • We offer services such as receiving the digital invoice on SDI, creating purchasing groups, providing reporting tools, ensuring integration and

As a result, according to Di Filippo’s data, 50% of FTSE MIB companies today are Amazon Business customers.

And can the Public Administration use the digital marketplace? • In Italy • Di Filippo • can not buy on Amazon Business yet • we do not support the PA invoice. But we’re working on it.

The Italian business market, therefore, has been shown to be ready. Amazon Business Prime started its business in the UK, Germany and France, but immediately after that it landed in Italy and Spain. The product is similar to Prime in consumer version, with fast shipments to many addresses, shipments are unlimited, with business-specific features such as guided buying and advanced reporting tools.

It is particularly useful for companies that apply smart working: the central purchasing office can manage sending the material to the employees’ home.

One example quoted by Gerardo Di Filippo is Schindler, who at the beginning of lockdown, with Amazon Business Prime has put its 300 employees in a position to work within 24 hours.

Advanced reporting services to reconcile spending with budget and to make decisions for the consolidation of purchases complete the picture.

The long tail of the buying offices

Does Amazon Business replace existing tools in purchasing offices?

• Our goal • explains Di Filippo • is that companies devote time to value-added activities. We face the long queue case: many purchases and fragmented with many suppliers. Summaries, they make only 20% of the expenditure, but with 80% of the suppliers. We allow to consolidate the long queue of purchases on a single instrument.

In this sense, for a small Amazon Business company it could also be the ultimate tool for all purchases.

This is also evident from future digital developments that Amazon Business will have. In addition to those expected in relation to the public administration, Di Filippo explains, \ there will be tools for integration in the billing field. For the world of payments we have introduced direct debit into the current account and are testing the payment in term. The electronic invoice is already integrated with the SDI. We will strengthen digital integration.

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