At Slack Frontiers, the annual conference (which this year was virtual) of the messaging channel-based platform for business teams, Slack has revealed new collaboration features.

Slack Connect, launched in June, extends the channel-based messaging system to all those with whom you work, both inside and outside your organization, replacing email so you can work safely with people from other companies remains

Since the launch of Slack Connect, more than 56,000 organizations have used this new tool to work with their external partners, Slack has now revealed what was the most popular customer demand, to which a response will soon be given:

Slack Connect Direct Messages enable secure direct messaging between organizations within Slack for the first time. It makes it possible to share your private invitation link with a partner, customer or trusted provider with whom you work, so that they are able to send direct messages from their Slack organization. This is a way to communicate more quickly and easily with people outside your organization, but trustworthy. The release of this function is planned for early 2021.

Another new function is coming at the beginning of next year: the verified organizations will be marked with a new checkmark.

In addition to verified organizations, the launch of managed connections will allow administrators to pre-approve the request channels with trusted organizations. This will enable companies to safely create the different channels they need to work with verified customers or suppliers, without having to involve the administrator every time.

As part of Slack’s third-party partnerships for integration with their tools, the new DocuSign eSignue for Slack app allows users to send envelopes, use templates and receive notifications from DocuSign, the

This way partners can safely exchange documents for revision and signature without leaving the workflow in Slack Connect.

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