BTicino was the first Italian brand associated with the theme \\ smart home                   Â

Success also made possible through a positioning strategy in which content occupies an important part for the achievement of business goals.

The user’s shopping path is full of stimuli and indications: when a consumer learns about a brand or learns about a topic he searches in many touch points, the risk for the brand is to lose him in the chaos of information available online.

Google calls this phenomenon \ nessy middle Â, term that explains well the tortuous information paths of the user.

For this reason, a quality content system, spread across several touch points relevant to the audience, is one of the determining factors for influencing consumer decision-making.

Managing interactions with consumers: intarget alongside Bticino

A theme that requires communication that can reach more and more consumers on different channels and in different ways and that Bticino, in recent years, has been able to build together with intargets through a system of content realized to facilitate the interactions of consumers, both with the website and with

Managing different contact points requires some attention, such as a single tone of voice and a strategy that takes into account a consistency of content, without forgetting that difficulties are often ‘cultural’.

Communicate successfully to the outside B2B themes • Business to business • is only possible if there is synergy with the customer, so as to develop such a knowledge of the product that it makes the dialogue with the consumer efficient. However, in order to guide people’s decisions and to enable them to become more aware of the benefits of this sector, we need to be able to grasp in a strategic way the route in which they move and go to define their perimeter.

Monitoring, social and community keys to success

The actions that Intarget has carried out to position BTicino as a brand associated with the Smart Home theme include first of all a monitoring phase: providing different splits, for geographic markets, is functional for the creation of local editorial plans and provides interpretations at the basis of the

The next step focuses on the analysis of social data, which allows the creation of combinations of formats and contents that can meet with greater effectiveness the taste of the audience.

For example, the studies showed a desire to highlight the product more visually, putting it in the foreground. This will, on Instagram, has been translated into communicating, for example, BTicino wireless commands, the load management module in the electrical panel, the digital Living Now or Living Light commands.

Similarly, the content of the blog has been optimized: in some cases more space has been given to articles that can attract the attention of the user, while in others the goal was to position themselves in the search engines. In this case, content is crucial when users deepen their research. The right support comes from Social Paid, that is sponsorship, which has helped in intercepting consumers.

The final phase of the intarget work is the management of the community, which allows to collect and receive doubts, requests and suggestions from customers to produce content for correct information and to have timely and direct feedback with the end consumers. Among the information gaps identified, the difficulty in understanding the distinction between Home automation and Smart Home emerged, to which BTicino responded with ad hoc content.

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