Filed the 2020 annus horribilis, we are now in the boa round of 2021 and among the radical changes we have witnessed, we can mention the increased importance of digital marketing.

In fact, the powerful wave of digital transformation that has cross-border involved the entire Italian economy has modified the paradigms of commercial communication.

To better frame the phenomenon, and try to understand what development we can expect, we have asked Sergio Brizzo, Ceo di Across

The vaccination campaign and measures taken are finally significantly reducing the spread of the epidemic. Many analysts expect a fall of major changes in social and economic interactions. In this context, what are Across’s forecasts of the next trends in digital marketing?

The pandemic has created new needs and expectations for consumers and businesses will have to rethink their communication. Among the trends already in place, which will certainly be valid for the coming months, we must note the rise in geolocalised campaigns.

Why is it soon said: it is increasingly important to intercept your target in a given region/city/province. This is because the mobility bans that have been experienced during the last year have made it vital to narrow the field. The aim, without doubt, is to find your local audience.

Not only that, a fundamental role in the increase of these demands is linked to the need of people to return to normality and therefore to an experiential component related to purchases. Although consumers have become accustomed to shopping online, they need to be brought back to the consumer experiences offered by physical channels. Geomarketing has become a key asset for local brands, to know their target audience and implement an optimized and effective communication strategy.

With the reopening of the shops the economy will return to grow, step by step. It becomes essential to plan the recovery from now on, with the awareness that it will take place in a profoundly different context, of which it is necessary to understand the dynamics in depth, to devise effective strategies.

And it is not said that the long-awaited return to normality also means a return to the world of marketing as we knew it until a few months ago. Even before the pandemic, the user/consumer expected to perceive continuity during his customer journey, using all the possible touchpoints to meet his needs for interaction with the brand. Among the further trends, in fact, it is worth mentioning the convergence between online and offline: the two dimensions of the customer experience have never been more interconnected.

You won’t need to make a choice between digital marketing or offline marketing. Because it will be the perfect integration of these two systems that will make a stronger and more comprehensive strategy, as several companies have already discovered. This new approach will be very successful.

The role of digital marketing is becoming increasingly central not only for large companies, but also for SMEs, often fasting digital skills. How important is the support of a reality like Across in this aspect of digital transformation, all too often undervalued?

2020, like the first half of 2021, has certainly been an atypical year for each sector. If we wanted to find a positive aspect we could say that there was a shift of all major digital businesses. Going to fill a gap we’ve been carrying for years.

The importance of digital marketing in the current context

At this time, therefore, the role of digital marketing is more important than ever, to reach new customers and sell their products or services.

Being one of the fastest-changing areas, it requires new skills and professionalism and constantly updating. Every day new platforms, new tools and some techniques that worked yesterday are released and no longer work. To be really useful, we need to rely on a competent partner with adequate experience.

In addition, to achieve the best results it is important to understand which tools of the online world can best fit the customer and how.

For this reason, in Across we aim to create a real cooperation between company and customer, to maximize the results by remaining united.

Each customer is different and you need to customize the strategy to achieve the best results.

Our strength, Brizzo emphasizes, is to provide a dedicated team. Able to develop a custom strategy according to the customer’s needs. To achieve any goal in terms of performance, traffic and conversions. The growing digitalisation of business processes and the need to optimize budgets and resources meet with Across solutions suitable for any type of business.

What proposals and solutions does Across offer its customers to face a decidedly prolonged period of navigation in unknown waters?

At this particular historical moment, companies need to review their organisational model to revive their activities. And that is why we have decided to expand and remodel our offer.

Last year we looked out on the market as Digital Solution Company, so with an even more ambitious goal. No longer just Lead Generation, then generate interested contacts through online advertising channels, but manage them in concrete terms by aiming at the actual sale of the product or customer service.

Today, therefore, we are able to offer our customers a complete end-to-end service, which combines marketing services and sales to various levels that would otherwise be separate and not communicating with each other, resulting in dispersal of resources and time. Our proposal aims to offer companies a completely new relaunch in which advertising, marketing and sales are not separate sectors, but a single area that dialogues synergistically to expand the business, accompanying the customer from the beginning to the end of its iter.

The whole process is developed internally by Across, without having to divide the skills between different suppliers. The aim is to obtain the result that all companies expect: the increase in turnover. Our reality, the CEO concludes, is made up of consultants and collaborators. We do not just offer a service, but we follow the customer from A to Z in his growth project. From the campaign study to the end of the sale.

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