Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Osi) has been recognised as a leading digital innovation leader in Germany

The manufacturer of innovative fibre optic wiring infrastructure and service provider for critical infrastructure was rewarded by the FAZ Institute – in the context of research into German digital innovation companies conducted in November 2020 on 150,000 companies examined.

The company received recognition for patents in the field of fibre optic infrastructure.

Digital innovation that does not stop, of course, to hear the CEO of Rosenberger Osi, Thomas Schmidt, who confirms that the company is launching a large-scale digitalization campaign until 2025, which will make our business processes considerably more To this end, we are optimising our response times in the corresponding processes, so that our innovation cycles are further reduced and thus lead to further developments in unique products.

This year, besides, Rosenberger Osi celebrates its 30th anniversary and can retrace the past recalling the milestones in the history of the company.

Rosenberger Osii started as a German assembly company and today has international production facilities in Hungary and Mexico, commercial offices in Italy, France and Spain and has established itself as a global expert in innovative wiring infrastructure and services.

Thanks to a complete digitalization of internal business processes (Kompass project), completed years ago, the company was able to respond to the requests of its customers without impediments even during the pandemic, recording a remarkable growth in this period.

The five pillars of the service

The service, which is innovative for a greater guarantee of customer satisfaction, is based on five pillars: data center planning and consulting, data center operation, managed services, installation services and consulting services. With this methodology, customers receive all services for a future-oriented network infrastructure from a single source interlocutor in the form of a single window.

As a pioneer in the development of MTP/MPO modular cassettes, Rosenberger OSI has been the bearer of digital innovation and has established itself as a precursor in the parallel optical segment. One development is also the PreConnect Sedecim wiring system, introduced in 2020, which is based on the 16 fiber MTP/MPO connector.

That’s why Rosenberger Osi has received the recognition of digital innovation from the F.A.Z.-Institut for numerous patents. The analysis was based on the patent-making activities of companies and research institutes using the information of the World Patent Statistical Database Epo (Patstat) of the European Patent Office.

And in 2021 there are some new features: a new solution for the LAN world, further expansion of the service portfolio, expansion of sales activities in Spain and the large-scale digitalization campaign.

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