Abb and Dassault Systèmes have announced a global partnership to offer companies operating in the digital sectors a portfolio of software solutions that can range from product life cycle management to solutions for monitoring production resources.

Together, the two companies will offer customers a total offer of open digital solutions to enhance competitiveness, increase flexibility, speed and productivity of the product life cycle, manufacturing production and operational activities.

The partnership will overshadow the strengths of digital solutions Abb Ability and the 3DExperience platform of Dassault Systèmes, taking advantage of the installed base, skills and the global customer fleet of the two companies.

Abb, which has already adopted the 3DExperience platform to model and simulate its solutions before delivering them to customers, will be able to develop and make available to advanced digital twin customers, allowing them to manage Abb solutions and operational activities with

The two companies will progressively focus on factory and robotics automation, process automation and electrification solutions for intelligent buildings.

The first joint solutions will be presented at Hannover Messe in Germany, 1-5 April 2019.

The context of the agreement between Abb and Dassault

In modern automated industries, digital factory modelling and flexible robotic production systems allow companies to perform more iterations faster to develop more reliable projects.

This approach helps to accelerate the transition from mass production to mass customization, where products are made with more variety, smaller quantities and shorter life cycles.

For many companies the costs of plant shutdown have increased drastically in recent years, especially since the just-in-time deliveries have become the norm. One hour of production interruption in a modern plant can cost over a million dollars.

Abb already offers a portfolio of digital solutions in the industrial field with the brand Abb Ability. The offer was launched two years ago and includes over 210 digital solutions to plan, implement and manage industrial activities with higher productivity and safety levels at lower costs.

Dassault Systèmes works alongside companies of all sizes in eleven industrial sectors. The 3DExperience platform integrates technologies and features that exploit knowledge and know-how in a cohesive digital innovation environment with digital continuity from conception, production, management and vice versa.

Industrial companies can integrate 3D applications on the platform to create a digitsl twin capable of acquiring in-depth information and expertise from the entire ecosystem, to improve, evaluate and predict the performance of an industrial asset and help optimize its operation in an intelligent way.

Factory automation and robotics

The experience of the digital twins for optimizing processes and systems, combined with the flexibility of robotic automation, will ensure the agility necessary for the factories to adapt to increasingly dynamic markets. The offer includes ready-to-use manufacturing solutions and services, as well as joint advice for the transformation of industrial activities, to optimize and speed up the launch of new products.

Electronic companies can quickly increase the production of new products with short life cycles, while food companies can alternate seasonal offers in different geographical areas while maintaining high production rates. In high automation sectors such as the automotive industry, the factory’s digital twin enables an integrated design and production environment to be created that supports new assembly processes with flexible and reconfigurable cells. In addition, separate systems can be connected, such as logistics automation systems to robots on production lines that depend on the supply of specific components to operate with optimal performance levels.

Smart buildings

The digital partnership between Dassault Systèmes and Abb, focused on the digital twin, will allow to realize a continuous workflow from the design, the engineering and the operational management of the buildings, as well as sustainable and connected transport solutions. The information available, combined with the virtual universe 3DExperience, will help to increase interaction with the customer during the project specification and operational management phases.

Process industries

In process industries such as mining, competitive pressure requires companies to always seek new ways to increase the safety, productivity and energy efficiency of sites, while reducing the costs and risks of daily activities. A digital underground environment model, combined with mine planning and control systems, will optimise mine energy consumption and automation and help managers monitor and optimize real-time production by performing virtual simulations of future scenarios.

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