Traditional management of contracts in paper mode is time-consuming and productive: storage takes up space, data entry and information search takes a long time, failure to comply with deadlines leads to sanctions.

For this reason Konica Minolta proposes to companies to bring the processes of management of contracts in digital, with a methodology that allows to optimize the processes, simplify the activities and obtain a greater efficiency of the workflow.

Traditional contract management requires a physical archive that occupies a considerable amount of space and takes a long time to search for documents.

The deadlines risk being forgotten with consequent penalties and loss of customer confidence.

With the digital process all the complexity of manual processing is removed. The digitisation of contracts simplifies the storage and retrieval of information by entering contracts into a single central database.

Contracts may be signed digitally with DocuSign, even outside the office, using the mobile application of the M-Files solution.

Major stakeholders may also receive automatic notifications of key contractual events, such as expiration and renewal dates, and secure access controls can be easily configured and applied for roles, teams and projects to ensure that important contracts and agreements can only be accessible or modified by

The M-Files Contract Management solution that proposes Konica Minolta includes specific functions for the start of the contract, the drafting, negotiation, revision, approval and digital signature, renewal and archiving.

All managed with assignments to the correct reference persons and related notifications, as well as the possibility of dynamically organizing contracts for customers, suppliers and projects thanks to dynamic dashboards that allow you to quickly view the status of the contract and the milestones. This way, the search and retrieval of information is highly efficient.

Finally, the system supports compliance and data protection through authorisation and personal withdrawal rights; a level of security that far exceeds the conventional paper archive.

With Konica Minolta’s digital contract management solution, companies can free themselves from time-consuming activities, accelerate and monitor processes and improve relationships with different stakeholders.

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