With Redo’s acquisition, OCS announces the launch of a fully mobile, instantaneous micro-credit solution that allows the delivery of nano-financing, by analysing the likelihood of reimbursement by the applicant calculated with the smartphone data.

With the acquisition by Ocs of fintech Redo, founded by Dego Mortillaro, a micro-credit solution for mobile and instant consumption is born that allows the provision of nano-financing with short repayment periods, thanks to the analysis of the probability of reimbursement by

We are talking about an acquisition that, according to data provided by a note of Ocs, fits into a market, that of fintech lending, that globally, has moved 310 billion dollars. In Italy, the potential market is estimated to be about 20 million people, including non-banked persons or who, although having a refund capacity, are penalized by the absence of a financial history.

With this operation, the note reports, Ocs takes a further step in the transformation process from software providers to fintech digital partners able to bring innovation to customers such as financial institutions and consumer credit operators.

The customizable Redo solution model is the completion of the Ocs offer of turnkey solutions for the management of the Buy Now Pay Later, adding the instant nano-lending component to access micro-loans (up to 500 euros) from

The solution is made by a modular platform that can be activated via app (and soon, it is read in the note, also from web) that enables the reliable lending process, guaranteeing the real-time loan.

The app manages the customer’s l’onboarding, the calculation of the probability of return (with algorithms based on the aforementioned border technologies working on the information of the phone), the opening of an online payment account with the possibility of optionally associating a virtual debit card,

The solution also manages KYC (know-your-customer) and AML (anti-money-laundering) processes in a comprehensive way, shaking a network of international partners and being defined as fully compliant with banking regulations.

The solution is joined by the Omnichannel Financing Platform (recently launched in collaboration with the English fintech Divido that enables alternative consumer lending models) completes the Ocs offer with an additional plug and confirms the ability

Contacts have already been started with operators of the Latin American market for the launch of Redo through Talentomobile Latam, acquired by Ocs in early 2021, confirming the overall scope of the project.

Redo’s team that developed the solution has joined the Ocs team in defining the new offer already integrated in the product suite, which with this new proposal covers the entire consumer finance segment, from personal loans of significant amount, to the sale of the

The acquisition of Redo is for Ocs the fifth extraordinary operation concluded from early 2021, functional to the execution of the strategy at the base of the ongoing industrial plan.

Who’s Ocs?

Based in Milan and Brescia, Ocs is a provider of digital solutions for the banking and financial sector that has its roots in an entrepreneurial choice launched 35 years ago. With experience in technological and financial processes, fintech innovation is oriented by redesigning consumer finance models with the introduction of new interaction dynamics. Since the entry into the capital of the Private Equity Charme Capital Partners fund in 2018, Ocs has developed an international growth and expansion plan. It is led by the expert (formerly Dedagroup) Gianni Camisa since 2020.

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