Italian citizens can now access digital services in European countries through the electronic identity card.

The Agency for Digital Italy has reported this, which has announced that the Ministry of the Interior has connected to the eIDAS node, in fact enabling Italian citizens to access the online public services of European states also with the electronic identity card,

This is a possibility which is currently already valid for online services of the Italian eIDAS-related States: Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Holland, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom.

As well as SPID, in essence, the electronic identity card becomes a tool to certify digital identity throughout the European Union.

The European eID card is therefore the eIDAS node which has recently been signed by the Ministry of the Interior, which guarantees the security of the electronic identity card and the authenticity of the data of the electronic identity card.

This is a new step forward in the implementation of the eIDAS Regulation, which requires European public administrations to make their services accessible through all the digital identities of the Member States.

The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) was notified to the European Commission and other Member States with the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union C 309 of 13 September 2019, and was integrated with the eIDAS node, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No.

The eIDAS knot

The Italian eIDAS node was created by the CEF-FICEP project of the Agency for Digital Italy in collaboration with the Turin Polytechnic, Infocert and Tim, according to the technical requirements set by the European Commission and realized under the CEF programme

By activating the eIDAS Login, administrations that already make their online services available through SPID can also extend the use of these services to citizens of the European Union, who can access it through eID (digital identities) of the countries of origin

At the same time, other EU countries, through their respective nodes and the DAS, can allow access to their services to Italian citizens with SPID and CIE.

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