If you have grown some digital hobbies in these weeks of forced housekeeping, now it is time to make the leap of quality with the New Techniques manuals.

The three topics covered are digital photography and digital music as well as the world of makers.

For photography we have the practical advice of Scott Kelby, considered the guru of digital photography as well as prolific writer on photographic techniques and photo editing; for music a manual to create a recording studio and then on software to produce quality music, finally the platform

Also, shipments are free throughout the month of May.

Digital photography

Three Scott Kelby manuals, the world’s best known photographer/writer, the formula remains the same: couples of pages explaining the tricks of the craft with the effect realized. Also a specific text on Photoshop by a training expert.

The manuals on offer are:

Digital photography with Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom • The tricks and secrets of the expert

The flash for digital photography

Photoshop CC


It is now an indissoluble combination, especially for the musician/hobbyist, who can build with investment limited to a few thousand euros a valid recording studio and have fun with software that allows to produce professional quality music.

the manuals on offer are:

Ableton Live • Tricks and secrets

Create your own recording studio

Electronic music manual

Apple Logic Pro X

Arduino and the makers

Arduino is the open source electronic prototyping platform that has had a overwhelming success among makers. The official guide of Massimo Banzi, known internationally and considered the father of the Arduino project, explains the basic principles, but then there are more application manuals and rich in practical examples.

The manuals on offer are:

Arduino – The official guide

Arduino for young makers

Young Maker Manual

Projects with Arduino

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