The world is facing new challenges, including a challenging, rapid and huge change in the way you work and for this reason hearing the opinion of a CTO, which sets the technological basis for everyone’s activities can be interesting.

For companies, whatever size they are, the upheavals caused by Covid-19 oblige them to refocus on the future, laying the foundations for building digital foundations as solid as flexible on which to set the business in a landscape characterized by new needs.

As a technology supplier Pure Storage works to help companies navigate the digital future, and the international Field CTO, headed by Patrick Smith, has an essential role in this.

It is a team of experts from heterogeneous backgrounds including enterprise reality CTOs.

These experts spend a good deal of their time supporting Pure Storage’s engineering and field sales teams, but their main focus remains to interact with customers and help them track their respective digital transformation paths.

They are therefore at the optimal point between technological innovation and implementation at the customer, and thanks to this they have developed a clear idea of what we will be able to expect in the coming months.

As we all know, the world has changed enormously and will continue to surprise us with unexpected implications as we all face the personal and professional relapses of this pandemic and the need to manage the new normality.

Not everything will be back as before, and we must adapt to a pace never experienced before.

As part of these changes, the forecasts that Patrick Smith makes us as CTO of Pure Storage concern the emergence of four main trends.

New ways to infuse culture

It increases the remote workforce of companies, which therefore need innovative methods to infuse and maintain their culture in a virtual environment such as teleworking. The human need for interaction at the workplace will be another important point to address. Companies work in fact through direct human interaction.

For the CTO we must ensure that the remote working environment is balanced by personal interactions that are essential for our mental well-being and ultimately for a healthy and successful organization.

Security and management of cyber threats

It is impressive to see how there have been more attempts to extort money through ransom requests from malicious people than in the pre-Covid-19 period, and also often targeting essential services.

The impact has never been so heavy and the attacks made public are only the tip of a very large iceberg.

In future, according to the CTO, companies will have to consider ransomware mitigation activities as an essential element in protecting business and reputation. Tests in this area could become routine as already happens for those concerning the disaster recovery capacity.

Indentation of workloads

As lockdown arose, all global companies were trying to manage a larger workload within the limited lockdown conditions. This has led to a sharp increase in cloud adoption and use.

Many, according to the CTO; they have moved almost too far on the cloud and now will have to rebalance their use, as the pressures on costs are pushing to bring back on premise some workloads. Never has the need for flexibility been so great to support companies forced to operate under such changing circumstances.

The advent of the Empowered Consumer

Young people now look through a new perspective at the companies they are dealing with, both as employees and as consumers. In the future, companies will increasingly need to implement an internal role responsible for managing their reputation and will always be called CTO, but this time it will mean Chief Trust Officer.

This function will have to examine the ethical position of the company, the way in which employees are treated, the realities with which to do or not to do business, and the ways in which the company operates This role will act as a… awareness of the company with the goal of doing the right thing.

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