The gradual elimination of third-party cookies is a challenge to digital advertising, since it influences the opportunity to reach users of Safari and other browsers that will block them and introduces uncertainty in the market about how advertising frameworks will change:

When Google becomes the last of the main players to deprecate third-party cookies in 2022, a passage already announced for some time, this will remove an important technical element of how online ads are now customized and measured.

This change will only bring Google up to date with similar initiatives by companies such as Apple and Mozilla, which are working decisively to block the use of third-party cookies in their browsers.

Adform, an independent advertising platform that covers all aspects of the digital campaign life cycle, now wants to address these challenges of a radically changing online advertising market.

The Danish technology company has launched an innovative solution to facilitate media trading using data and ID first-party, without requiring a login to users to enable the targeting of ads.

This solution according to the developer presents the first real response to how marketing will work after the disappearance of third-party cookies, as well as providing an alternative to giants of the media based on login such as Facebook and Google.

According to Jakob Bak, co-founder of Adform, after switching to the programmatic media procurement and database-centric, digital advertising has had more attention to third-party data and less to the interaction between

Now that online advertising will generally go from being a third-party world to a first-party, this is bound to change, and advertisers will be led to build skills and infrastructure to operate without third-party cookies

This, according to Jakob Bak, offers the opportunity to re-establish the ability to target, control frequency and perform efficient measurements, and will be the driving force behind the rapid adoption of new solutions.

Moreover, given the weight of Safari and Mozilla in visits to sites, this could represent a real gamechanger for the digital ecosystem as a whole.

The Ekstra Bladet headboard is the first media in Denmark to implement the new first-party Adform solution. The first part data collected through Ekstra Bladet’s ID, explained the Danish company, will be made available for use in the transactions performed on the Adform platform, allowing a precise targeting of the campaigns on the website of the magazine.

At a broader level, Adder points out, the solution will offer multiple benefits for buyers and sellers, as well as creating a real substitute for third-party cookies. Currently, the data used for targeting and measurement are often limited by the short duration of third-party cookies, which is on average 1-2 weeks. The significantly longer duration of the first-party data provided by Ekstra Bladet means that they can be constantly refined for a longer period of time, allowing for more accurate and sophisticated targeting and analytics.

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