Just over a year after the publication of the guidelines on the acquisition and reuse of software for Public Administration, the catalogue of Developers Italy continues to grow. The government in fact announces that the threshold of 159 available software has been reached, certifying the enormous potential of the project.

What is the catalogue of Developers Italy?

Developers Italia is the community dedicated to the development of open source software for Italian public services. It is composed of public administration technicians, suppliers, but not only, also passionate developers who in various ways intend to contribute to the project of improvement of the PA. The catalogue of Developers Italy allows administrations across the country to easily search among existing software, thus avoiding the burden of having to design and develop new tools.

With this collaborative model, citizens can therefore benefit from digital services that have already been tested, safer, integrated with enabling platforms and more coherent with each other. Benefits made possible by the fact that all software is made available under open source license, as provided for by art.69 of the Code of the Digital Administration. Free re-use by other public administrations is therefore encouraged and facilitated.

The catalogue is really open to all: it is possible to propose and use solutions designed in contexts other than public administration, but of potential interest for an Italian public body.

To date there are 663 administrations present on the national territory that have used one of the 159 software available on the catalog. It means that in 663 times public administration has acted more efficiently and quickly, avoiding waste of resources and time.

And again, 55 administrations have contributed, making available at least one of the software in the catalogue. A real community that is strengthened by a common work of sharing and progress.

From data collection, to document management, through data collection and data analysis applications. Solutions that, precisely because of their heterogeneity, can be applied in many areas of high interest, both for citizens and for businesses. If we go to see it in detail, we find that the proposals contained in the Catalogue are used in the fields of tourism, the environment, culture, research and much more. A heritage freely made available, which aims to improve the services rendered to citizens.

Among the many PAs, which have contributed to the catalogue of Developers Italy with their solutions, we bring the example of the CNR. The National Research Council has followed from the beginning the approach provided by the CAD and the guidelines, designing its own software in this perspective: using international standards, according to a cloud first and open source logic and interacting immediately with the It has made available SIGLA, for example, solution for the management of administrative and accounting processes, forecasting, and reporting already adopted today by the National Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Inspectorate and the Higher Institute of Health.

Another solution of sure interest for many bodies is the • New Emergency System Civil Protection • proposed by the Municipality of Genoa that has included in the catalogue an information system for emergency management. This is a web application that allows the sharing of information between the various subjects both inside the Municipality and outside (civil protection volunteers, municipal companies, VVF, Region, etc.) involved in various ways in the management of the emergency situation and in the mitigation of the This new system allows you to have at every moment a precise picture of what is happening on the territory and therefore to optimize the use of the resources available.

336 bodies have decided to adopt the PiTre solution proposed by the Autonomous Province of Trento for document management and IT protocol. Among these many municipalities, schools, museums, and also central PAs such as the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. This software aims to dematerialize paper documents, speed up the search for information, make document management flexible and fast, ensuring security and high integration.

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