The Milanese company specializing in document management DDocuments has joined the Inaz Group, a historic Italian software and services company for the administration and management of human resources.

For Linda Gilli, Chairman and CEO of Inaz, \l \l \l \l \l \l \l \l \l \l \l \

Ddocuments solutions provide value-added services in the management of the digital document: replacement storage, document transmission, JEP, digital signature, B2B electronic invoicing and towards PA, graphometric signature to completely dematerialize digital processes such as D emission

DDocuments solutions are applicable to all sectors of activity and have as a strong point the ability to interpret the specific needs of each customer and to guarantee the maximum customization of the service, with precision and reliability.

For Linda Gilli , the document management has been revolutionized by digital transformation, but there are still wide margins of innovation in Italian companies. Inaz has always been a partner of companies that want to start the digitalization process in the HR sector: with the entry of DDocuments into the Inaz Group, we continue in the direction of enriching our offer for the sector. We welcome a team of experts with professionalism of absolute value and at the same time, as happens with every acquisition, we aim to grow further DDocuments thanks to the strength of our Group and the recognized Inaz skills in everything that concerns the management of people and processes in companies,

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