Deloitte and Elmec have announced that they have signed a partnership to offer businesses a full range of services to evolve with the cloud and ensure the security of a managed solution that reduces complexity and maximises its benefits.

In the current context, companies face some priorities: adopting remote work technologies that ensure data and operations security; using scalable cloud services and avoiding costs of buying and managing hardware in the company; reducing waste for unused services and facilities:

The agreement between Deloitte and Elmec aims to generate a structured offer to enable companies to have a reliable technological player to delegate the management of their IT services, to minimize complexity and focus their energies on innovation.

The offer that comes from this collaboration is dedicated, in particular, to the big companies that have always distinguished the Italian production fabric. To name just a few of the most important ones: the automotive, retail, manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical and logistic sectors.

The partnership is a winning asset for midmarket companies that have to deal with, for example, a process of migration of their business applications to more performing platforms or fully re-engineered solutions because it allows companies to be followed step by step in this process by

The services provided by Deloitte and Elmec are numerous: infrastructure assessment, financial and accounting evaluation of the disposal Data Center and IT Asset, licensing management and industry 4.0 tax incentives; Infrastructure Planning & Migration. And more, cost analysis and optimization and migration of legacy systems, cloud managed services and proactive monitoring. Finally, 24/7 technical garrison, Cloud Managed Backup and of course Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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